September 30, 2014

For sure naranasan niyo nang ma-pissed off dahil di nakikinig yung taong kinakausap mo, or worse hindi man lang siya interesadong makinig sa iyo! Gusto mo na lang siyang batukan o kaya tirisin sa singit para lang makinig sa sasabihin mo. Lalo na kung importante. Like nung nahulog si James Reid sa Cosmo Fashion Show. Or yung eksenang inamin na ni Rose kay Patrick na siya nga ang totoong Rose at buhay siya. Tapos naghihintay ka ng reply niya. Tapos minsan tatango lang siya or sasabihing.. “Ahh….

YUNG MGA GANON?! Nakakainis diba???

Pero paano kaya kung sa text, like ang HABA-HABA na ng text mo. Abot ng 5 pages sa Nokia 3310. Tapos ang reply “FINE”?!!! Tapos ngayon mag-iisip ka kung anong irereply. Hangang sa malito ka na lang at mainis. Gusto mo na lang mag-teleport sa kung san siya ngayon at itapon ang iPhone mo sa mukha niya! (Wow from Nokia 3310, naging iPhone. Lupet!)

Pasensya na kung parang gusto ko talagang manakit ng tao ngayon. Hahaha! Anyway, nilista ko dito ang mga kadalasang replies, mapa-text or chat na mahirap replyan.

10. Ganon ba?
9. Toinks
8. Hmmm….
7. Yup
6. Ahh…
5. LOL
4. Hehehe
3. Sige
2. OK
1. : ) (smiley)

Nainis ka rin ba?
Pwede mo din tong gamitin para mainis din sila.
Ganti-gantihan lang! :)

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September 26, 2014

I love the lights. I love the streets.
I used my iPhone 4S in taking this photo with the “Slow Shutter” App.

It has 3 different types of shots. You can choose motion blur, low light, and light trail. In this shot, I used Light Trail. I tried to adjust the light sensitivity and capture duration to get that almost perfect shot. Unfortunately, I don’t have a tripod so it took me some time to get a clear shot. I tried standing up, sitting down, bending, and even STOPPED BREATHING! I also found wires from the billboards at the overpass to somehow bend it and form it like a tripod. Hahaha!

It’s a good thing that there’s no street vendor or “mysterious” people around the area but still I was very cautious at that time.

Well, all I need to do is to get a good tripod and try again! You also have to consider the weather and of course, the location. More practice for me!

Go to the Apple Store now and install the “Slow Shutter” app!

September 25, 2014

She’s the cutest thing on earth! Storm is the newest pup in Hinggo Nation. She’s a 4 month old Dachshund and she loves to run and play… and BITE! Whew! She’s too cute coz she’s all covered in black fur, that you can’t even tell she has eyes! LOL.

We call her Storm after the passing of our dog Thunder, w/c is a Dachshund too. :) I had to look for a replacement coz it really saddened everyone in the house. I had problems in finding a new one. But I guess Storm is the right one and we know that God planned everything.

Now I realized that having a new dog is very expensive! LOL. She needs booster shots and vitamins, weekly check ups, and meticulous care. I’m glad she’s part of our family now. She gives happiness to all of us.

Welcome to the HINGGONation Stormy!

September 1, 2014

I never thought I would become a model of a wedding photography expo! I don't even consider myself as a model! Hahaha! But what happened in the 2nd Mindanao Photography Expo was a blast and indeed, it was a very memorable one. My best friend Glorie asked me to join her in a wedding photo shoot in Abreeza. All I know was, we will just join a photoshoot with 2-3 photographers. Ambilis ng pangyayari at narealize ko na lang na nasa Abreeza na ako. Hahaha!

When I arrived in Abreeza, Ms. Roxie Dalisay from Hair and Make-up by Roxanne Dalisay already doing her magic to make my best friend beautiful. Ako? Anxious and I have a lot of questions about the event. When I realized na parang kami lang dalawa ang nag-aayos ng sarili, I asked her, “Bes, tayo lang ba ang models?Sabi niya, “Oo bes, tayo lang.” Para akong nag #IceBucketChallenge sa gulat!

Then after all the chit-chats and preps, we finally met the speaker and strobist Mr. Alex Ruelo. And damn! He’s a cool guy! We had a live demo in front of like 50 photographers! Grabe! He asked us how to do this and that tapos picture sya ng picture. It was just awesome.

I really did not expect this to happen, actually. Thanks to my best friend for inviting me to her modeling world. To Ms. Roxie for making me look handsome. To Ms. Jenny Echano from My Skin Origins and Sir Allan Echano for the support. Ay grabe talaga. hahaha!

Photo by: Sir Alex Ruelo
Models: Jexx Hinggo and Gloriebella Dos
Location: Abreeza Ayala Mall
Edited by: Jexx :p