Jan 20, 2015


Every year, I celebrate US Thanksgiving Week by traveling with friends. So last year, my friends and I decided to go to Cebu. They actually planned it months ago because they want to go to Sumilon Island. I also wanted to go back there to meet my closest friends! While we were finalizing our itinerary for our 4-day trip in Cebu, I saw a lot of posts about this wonderful resort from my online friends. So I asked them if they can add Movenpick Resort in our itinerary. Glad that we were able to visit this amazing place.

Formerly known as The Hilton Resort and Spa Cebu, they renovated and re-branded as Movenpick Resort and Spa last December 2012. From Mactan International Airport, we rode a taxi and took us 10 minutes to get there. Unfortunately, as soon as we came in, we were not assisted by any staff. No one welcomed us so we asked a staff from their restaurant where is the concierge. Since our main goal is to eat lunch, and we are clueless about where to go, we went inside the Sails Restaurant for a much-needed buffet lunch. (The Sails Restaurant review soon)

They serve different types of food depending on the “theme-of-the-day”. I really can’t tell if it’s all Mediterranean but I’m sure I ate a lot and I was full! After that sumptuous meal, we roamed around the place and took some Instagram-worthy photos!

These chairs actually glow at night! Cool right? Uy! Rhyming! :p

This is an amazing shot! Pwede na bang pang website or magazine?! LOL!

It was raining, but we’re able to capture nice shots at the pool area. If only I can jump in the pool! Hahaha!

The view of the garden from the pool area is phenomenal! They have different yet interesting chairs and couches that you can use while enjoying the view of the beach.

I could lie here all day! Read a book and drink wine! As if I love reading books! For the “char” lang! :p

Am I in Santorini, Greece? The view is AMAZING!

This is the beach area! It’s super clean and the sand is fine. I so wanted to bask under the sun, but it was cloudy and raining. BAD.TIMING. Darn. :(

Tara! Let’s go to the Ibiza Bar! May masabi lang para mailagay ang “Gwapong-gwapo sa sarili” stolen shot na ito! LOL!

I love this hanging “net-beds?”! It’s kinda scary, but it’s fun! They also have a Jacuzzi!

Mandatory photo because the view from the bar is amazing!

After taking a lot of photos around the beach, the rain poured heavily like there’s no tomorrow! So we had to go back to the lobby.

There are no regrets whatsoever that we added this trip in our itinerary! Since we’re not able to check out the hotel rooms, this is not a full review. However, we enjoyed everything about this place. It was really fun and the place is jaw-dropping. I hope I can stay here for a night or 2 with my family or friends next time. I still need to save money first. But overall, I really love the place. I can go back every day if I want to. It’s a perfect place to relax away from the city.

For hotel reservations, please call (032) 492 7777
or visit their website - www.moevenpick-hotels.com/cebu

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