Feb 22, 2018

Starbucks introduces a color-changing Cold Brew coffee lemonade

On February 20, Starbucks Philippines will serve color-changing beverages that will be an eye-catcher. Introducing beautifully crafted coffee beverages with surprising ingredients like butterfly pea flower and Tahitian vanilla.

A mesmerizing hue of blue Butterfly Pea flower tea layered with refreshing lemonade and topped with deliciously smooth Starbucks Cold Brew coffee. Starbucks®, Butterfly Pea Lemonade Cold Brew features butterfly pea flower tea – a trending ingredient in Southeast Asia, which is distinct for its natural blue shade and color-changing properties. It reacts with the lemonade to create captivating swirls. 

Tall –₱ 165 | Grande ₱ 180 | Venti–₱ 195

Meanwhile, the fan-favorite Tahitian Vanilla Macchiato is also returning for a limited time. This favorite beverage is coffee-forward, combining Tahitian Vanilla syrup and velvety steamed milk, topped with Starbucks Signature Espresso, vanilla bean specks, and a drizzle of vanilla syrup. Read my recent blog about Tahitian Vanilla Macchiato here.

Tall –₱ 165 | Grande ₱ 180 | Venti–₱ 195

“At Starbucks, we continue to explore ways to elevate the experience for customers who are looking for new and sophisticated twists with their coffee favorites," said Keith Cole, head of marketing for Starbucks Philippines. “We are constantly experimenting with coffee craftsmanship, including brewing methods and ingredient selection to bring customers something new.”

Indulge in these new food items!

MIDNIGHT DREAM CAKE  |  ₱165/slice ₱1,480/whole
Layers of moist and chewy fudge brownie, light vanilla sponge cake, crunchy hazelnut paste and velvety milk chocolate mousse finished with a dark chocolate glaze.

A doughnut filled with luscious cream and milk chocolate. 

Dense and chewy butterscotch bar with mango bits and purple yam.

Starbucks celebrates the season of Spring

The newest Spring Season Blend is a must-try! The Starbucks® Spring Season Blend will be available in whole bean, Starbucks VIA Ready Brew, and Starbucks Origami.
In addition, share the excitement with this limited-edition merchandise, featuring designs inspired by the cherry blossoms. Launching on February 20, this captivating collection will include a selection of mugs, tumblers, water bottles and other merchandise in two design themes; a lovely pink petal design against the midnight backdrop and petal-inspired embellishments in a blushing pink blossom theme. Both collections are available for a limited time only.

Visit any Starbucks store near you! Find out more here: www.starbucks.ph

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