Feb 16, 2020

A Healthier You in 2020 with RBG Hearty Bowls and Healthy Sips

RBG Hearty Bowls and Healthy Sips jexxhinggo.com
Let's admit it, the first thing on your New Year's Resolutions is to become healthy this 2020. You begin to search for healthier food options for lunch or dinner. For a workaholic 30-year-old like me, I find it hard to look for healthy meals especially if I go on break and visit the nearest malls. I have been eating at fast-food chains and I get that heavy feeling after. You are not sure if the meals they serve are fresh and healthy. And there is usually no healthy meal choice.

I have read some blogs from my friends from the Davao Bloggers Society when they were invited to try these food bowls at Park Inn by Radisson. These bowls are fit for health-conscious people or someone who just wants a fresh and healthy meal. From the photos I saw, it looks really good and I want to try it. Fortunately, I was invited by Lish Babela, Marketing and Communications Manager and Ella Ledesma, Marketing Assistant of Park Inn by Radisson Davao, to taste their RBG Hearty Bowls and Healthy Sips.


Here are the four healthy bowls from RBG Bar and Grill.

I tried this first because it's been a while since I've eaten a salmon.
RBG Hearty Bowls and Healthy Sips jexxhinggo.com
2 fillets of salmon, with Teriyaki sauce, string beans, red cabbage, and organic black rice
Per serving: 365 calories, 15g fat, 17g carbs, 25g protein
All of the ingredients inside this bowl were fresh and not overcooked. It took us almost an hour to take photos of the bowls so the quality of the food was compromised. The salmon became a bit dry. But you may ask for a slice of lemon to add moisture and for added flavor.

For those who want a heavier meal, the Beef Bowl is good for you.
RBG Hearty Bowls and Healthy Sips jexxhinggo.com
Big cuts of beef tenderloin, au jus gravy, sliced corn cobs, asparagus, carrots, brown rice
Per serving: 681 calories, 16g fat, 63.25g carbs, 36.62g protein
You can request the level of "doneness" for your beef tenderloin. Personally, I like it medium well.

If you're looking to pack more protein in your diet, you have this option.
RBG Hearty Bowls and Healthy Sips jexxhinggo.com
Boneless chicken breast in lime-cilantro marinade, cucumber salad in yogurt dressing, sauteed bell peppers, organic red quinoa grains.
Per serving: 440 calories, 35g fat, 41g carbs, 93g protein
I think a dipping sauce would make this bowl even better. But that's just me. I love the cucumber salad and quinoa grains.

This is the lightest meal among the four dishes but this is my favorite!
RBG Hearty Bowls and Healthy Sips jexxhinggo.com
Fried tofu, ladyfingers (okra), black olives, bok choy, fresh tomatoes, shitake mushroom stir fried in oyster sauce, quinoa grains (*can be replaced with curry sauce)
Per serving: 294 calories, 12g fat, 45.77g carbs, 30g protein
You will still feel full after finishing this bowl yet you don't feel guilty. The tofu is tastier because of the oyster sauce and I can't stop eating this.


Adding to these healthy bowls are their six healthy drinks. They are available in 2 varieties - Iced and Blended. I've listed them below by my liking.


Mint leaves, lemon, and honey (P160)
RBG Hearty Bowls and Healthy Sips jexxhinggo.com

Mint leaves, calamansi, and cucumber (P120)
RBG Hearty Bowls and Healthy Sips jexxhinggo.com

Lemon grass, calamansi, celery, and honey (P120)
RBG Hearty Bowls and Healthy Sips jexxhinggo.com

Calamansi, ginger, and Lipton yellow label tea (P120)
RBG Hearty Bowls and Healthy Sips jexxhinggo.com


Banana, yogurt, ginger, honey, and mint leaves (P250)
RBG Hearty Bowls and Healthy Sips jexxhinggo.com

Ripe mango, pineapple, lemon, honey, and mint leaves (P155)
RBG Hearty Bowls and Healthy Sips jexxhinggo.com

Among the iced drinks, the Nature's Elixir is my favorite. And among the blended ones, I like the Tropical Booster. These are for sure best paired with RBG's Hearty Bowls.

The RBG Hearty Bowls and Healthy Drinks are now available at the Park Inn by Radisson Davao's RBG Bar and Grill from 10AM to 11PM. Each bowl is worth P450 and drinks starts from P120 to P250.

For more information, visit www.radissonhotels.com/parkinn or visit their Facebook page here.

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