May 19, 2016

When my beshy Markie Alforque went to Davao with her friend Mich last October 17, 2015, I volunteered to bring them to Samal to check out the beaches near our city. We had our lunch at Paradise Resort and enjoyed these awesome seafood dishes!

Markie's former teammate in a call center in Cebu who now lives in Samal, texted him about the other tourist destinations around the city. She said that we go to Hagimit Falls and Maxima Aqua Fun Resort. Honestly, that was really not part of my itinerary for the day, but Markie insisted to visit these places. So I guess ruining our itinerary wouldn't be bad after all, in fact that was the best decision ever! :)

Unfortunately, the water in Hagimit Falls was not clear due to continuous rainfall the day before. So instead of paying P20 for the entrance fee, we only paid P10 each.

On a fair weather, the waterfalls are so nice. The water is clear and sometimes it turns turquoise in color.
Going down or up on these stairs could be really exhausting. Promise! :)
Then we headed down to Maxima Aqua Fun Resort. It's a few blocks away from Hagimit Falls. We arrived at 4PM and we paid P250 for the entrance fee. The slide will close at 5PM so we hurriedly went downhill to change our clothes. It was really funny because since we only have a limited time to use their amenities, we never hesitated to slide the 40-meter water slide all the way down to a 120 feet deep blue sea. No more fear because there's no more time to be "pabebe". Hahaha!

No more fear! All set na! Laban! Hahaha!

Swooosh! Pigs can fly! Hahaha!

We also tried their water blob. It's like a big elongated floater and one participant will jump off from a ledge and place himself at the end of the blob. Then the other participant will jump onto the other end of the blob and the 1st participant will be launched into the air and to the water.

It was really fun! Grabe ang tawanan lalo na dito sa water blob. I will upload the videos soon. 

Next time ulet guys!

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Paradise Island Park and Resort
Contact Number: 0920 954 6780 / 082 233 0251 / 082 234 1229 / 082 300 2343

Maxima Aqua Fun
Contact Number: 0923 723 3587 or 0925 555 0288

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May 13, 2016

I love to discover new places to eat in the city I grew up in, especially if they serve coffee. As a coffee lover like me, I am looking for a perfect place that I can enjoy my cup of goodness in a quiet place with good interiors. Then to my surprise, I found the Coffee Grounds by Golden Lion.

Coffee Grounds is located at Roxas Ave. Extension, Davao City and they serve good food and coffee plus they have cool interiors. It's like you're in a shop in England because of their brown brick walls and London-themed paintings. Everything looks really "Instagram-able"! LOL

Here are some of the food they served during the food tasting last April 28.


WHITE RABBIT P120  - Yes. It tastes like vanilla cupcake. I heard from the staff that it tastes like one of their cakes of the same name.

BRUSCHETTA (new on the menu, no price yet) - I like this! Slightly toasted bread with tomatoes, onion, basil, and cheese.
NACHOS P210 - Yummy! :)
ROASTED CHICKEN IN LEMON GRASS P250 - A large cut of tender roasted chicken with gravy.
OSSO BUCO P290 - Soft beef (veal-shank) braised with broth, wine, and vegetables.
BABY BACK RIBS P320 - Tender baby back ribs with corn. My favorite! :)
TRIO FORMAGGIO PANCETTA P320 - It's cheesy and salty. Just the pizza I like. :)
TOMATO AND ARTICHOKE P315 - I don't understand the taste but it's salty because of the cheese and it has tomatoes.
PEPPERONI AND BASIL P280 - I like this too. Wish it had more pepperoni.

They served this tea set with different sweets, cakes, and mini sandwiches. Macarons!!! :p

They also have a second floor for studying or reading books. They have these cool black chairs and couches. I even love their tiles on the terrace.

Most of the customers here are students because they are located near the school like Ateneo de Davao University and Holy Child College. The environment is still calm and quiet compared to other rowdy coffee shops in the city.

My 3 favorite dishes are the Trio Formaggio Pancetta Pizza, Baby Back Ribs, and the Roasted Chicken in Lemon Grass. I only tried their yummy cold drinks, so I have to go back and will give you an update on their hot coffee drinks. Will blog about it along with their newly launched product that will be a hit in the city.

Location: Roxas Ave. Extension, across Boulevard area, Davao City
Store Hours: 11:00AM - 12:00AM

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May 6, 2016

There are things in life that are #HardToGets. You want to get things you really like but you have to do something for it. You have to sacrifice anything for you to get it.

Like taking a good selfie with your dog.

Asking someone to take a photo of you at the beach.
Taking a photo on top of a mountain on a VERY windy day.

And getting fit and macho like this again. Witwew! :P

Even posting these photos online is  #HardToGets because your mobile internet is really slow.

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