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May 13, 2016

I love to discover new places to eat in the city I grew up in, especially if they serve coffee. As a coffee lover like me, I am looking for a perfect place that I can enjoy my cup of goodness in a quiet place with good interiors. Then to my surprise, I found the Coffee Grounds by Golden Lion.

Coffee Grounds is located at Roxas Ave. Extension, Davao City and they serve good food and coffee plus they have cool interiors. It's like you're in a shop in England because of their brown brick walls and London-themed paintings. Everything looks really "Instagram-able"! LOL

Here are some of the food they served during the food tasting last April 28.


WHITE RABBIT P120  - Yes. It tastes like vanilla cupcake. I heard from the staff that it tastes like one of their cakes of the same name.

BRUSCHETTA (new on the menu, no price yet) - I like this! Slightly toasted bread with tomatoes, onion, basil, and cheese.
NACHOS P210 - Yummy! :)
ROASTED CHICKEN IN LEMON GRASS P250 - A large cut of tender roasted chicken with gravy.
OSSO BUCO P290 - Soft beef (veal-shank) braised with broth, wine, and vegetables.
BABY BACK RIBS P320 - Tender baby back ribs with corn. My favorite! :)
TRIO FORMAGGIO PANCETTA P320 - It's cheesy and salty. Just the pizza I like. :)
TOMATO AND ARTICHOKE P315 - I don't understand the taste but it's salty because of the cheese and it has tomatoes.
PEPPERONI AND BASIL P280 - I like this too. Wish it had more pepperoni.

They served this tea set with different sweets, cakes, and mini sandwiches. Macarons!!! :p

They also have a second floor for studying or reading books. They have these cool black chairs and couches. I even love their tiles on the terrace.

Most of the customers here are students because they are located near the school like Ateneo de Davao University and Holy Child College. The environment is still calm and quiet compared to other rowdy coffee shops in the city.

My 3 favorite dishes are the Trio Formaggio Pancetta Pizza, Baby Back Ribs, and the Roasted Chicken in Lemon Grass. I only tried their yummy cold drinks, so I have to go back and will give you an update on their hot coffee drinks. Will blog about it along with their newly launched product that will be a hit in the city.

Location: Roxas Ave. Extension, across Boulevard area, Davao City
Store Hours: 11:00AM - 12:00AM

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Nov 2, 2015

photo 630B8C4D-DCAE-4331-9E13-9DC6954FD280_zpsbmsgqu8d.jpg

A new coffee and milk tea shop opened last August at The Peak of Gaisano Mall of Davao. Bean Leaf offers a variety of coffee and flavored milk teas that everyone will surely love. We were invited at the grand opening last August 15 and we tasted their delectable food and drinks.

photo 17A06295-92A3-4588-95E7-66EAF91EDF81_zpsgpw7wffa.jpg

To start the Grand Opening Ceremonies, a barista showed his skills in flairtending and Mr. BeanLeaf came out to dance for us. So cool and cute!

photo ECBF37F7-B58B-4403-A66C-B3F4D990A299_zpsyxbehwec.jpgphoto B3EC99E2-D0CD-4FCC-9810-BD2C08887241_zpso5kbk6ka.jpg

The cutting of the ribbon was facilitated by the BeanLeaf Master Franchisee for Davao Mr. Jim Sawers and BeanLeaf CEO Randy Salamat. It was also graced by Councilor Louie Bonguyan and Ms. Sweet representing Gaisano Mall.

photo 5DC5B177-8506-4430-A1C5-81BA499B4656_zpsizdwsdj9.jpg

BeanLeaf's tagline is “Experience our Difference”. BeanLeaf invites people to taste their food and drinks, to experience a difference. BeanLeaf prides itself as a standout among other cafes and mil tea shops.

photo FBBBE947-F9B3-4B18-BB7A-2D88643424CE_zps93jzuctk.jpg

- I ordered this because the staff told me this is one of their best-sellers. It is very “chocolatey.”. It’s like I’m sipping Nutella and dark chocolate at the same time. Too sweet.

photo 12025431_10207079281721107_1220630608_n_zpslgb6st4u.jpg

- I haven’t tried this one but my friend Claudine Chua said, “To tell you honestly, I loved it. I have been craving for it ever since.” (Photo credit:

photo IMG_3948_zps7hbwxnho.jpg

- When my co-bloggers went to their food tasting event before the opening day, Clea Banal shared that this became their favorite saying, “ Our favourite was Citrus with Malunggay. It's refreshing and a must drink during summer. Doesn't taste Malunggay or Moringa at all! Perfect sinker would be Nata de Coco. It has green tea so it's healthy.” (Photo credit:

photo 456F4A57-8378-46DB-B7BF-34ABFF00D2CE_zpsjx0zn7nd.jpg

We also tried their CAKES IN A JAR. It has three flavors - Black Forest, Salted Caramel, and Cookies and Cream. My favorites were the Black Forest and Salted Caramel.

photo 9252875F-2EB8-4BCB-AC62-7DB083769AE5_zpsndloz1iy.jpgphoto 4C44684B-25D9-4F66-8CD6-6A24A48A3EF6_zpswzsrrzc8.jpgphoto 0FA0745B-564E-4959-BD3B-3545E6C336C7_zpsow2eeccl.jpg

We had a great time at the grand opening and soon after the shop became crowded with customers. Experience the difference by visiting Bean Leaf at the Peak of Gaisano Mall of Davao.

For updates, promos, and exciting offers:

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Sep 6, 2015

photo 11938900_10206994906571781_926263042_n_zps3rn4rqkc.jpg

Going out with friends on a Monday night couldn’t get any better! Especially if you’ll get to enjoy good food, karaoke, and massage in one place. I was surprised to be invited to K1 Family KTV and Spa to try their food and services. At first, there were no slots available. But then Ate Ria texted me to come and join them. I met Caryl Lim, the owner of K1 at their restaurant and was able to try some of their food.

photo K1-8_zpsd5lvbfw8.jpgphoto K1-4_zpsabwedrnx.jpg

Ms. Caryl Lim brought us to their KTV rooms. She showed us the different rooms that are good for 4, 8, and 12 people. They served us a blue margarita to freshen up our throat so we can sing in tune (well, that was a joke), and some desserts.

photo K1-7_zpsg7esdzhs.jpgphoto K1-10_zpstrulwfqa.jpgphoto K1-6_zpswqmhpdmj.jpgphoto K1-9_zpstowesqtg.jpg

We also had a chance to use the Kinect. It is a motion-sensing game that allows gamers to use hand gestures and spoken commands while playing the game. We had a dancing game which we really did enjoy. We danced in groups and in pairs to different dance music.

photo K1-3_zpsnrrgm5hf.jpg

After dancing, it’s time for some relaxation at their spa. While waiting for our turn, they served us this yummy pizza!

photo K1-5_zpsgq3jxh0k.jpg

While finishing our dinner earlier, the staff asked us to pick a spa service to be given to us after the activities. The remaining services were Facial (Diamond Peeling) and Radio Frequency Therapy. Since I just had my facial a few days back, I chose the Radio Frequency Therapy. I was a bit concerned when the staff told me that I should not drink or eat an hour before the therapy. So I was limiting my food and drinks after the dinner. But then we had karaoke and Kinect, so it took me 2 hours to prepare for the RF Therapy.

First, the staff instructed me to take off my clothes, except the undies. Then she let me wear a loose shorts and measured my tummy. I layed on the bed and asked her if it’s really painful. She said it is painful, but not really. So imagine my face when she said that! Haha! I felt like I am up for a major surgery. Well, she gave me more info about how it works and it calmed me down a bit. Then she wiped a cream or a lotion on my tummy before she used the vacuum. It was hot and it’s like someone is pinching your stomach. you can feel it sucking your stomach and yes it hurts, but you’ll get used to it. You’ll see the results after and I was amazed. It took 5 inches on my waist and you can really feel that it tightened your skin.

photo K1-1_zpszt8cwftu.jpg

This experience was really one for the books. I felt like I’m an artista that I went through this type of procedure. Hahaha!

I would like to thank Ms. Caryl Lim for the warm accommodation and to the staff of K1. Eventually, I went back 2 days after and brought my barkada so they can enjoy teir services too. It was really fun!

For more updates and info:
Location: F. Torres St., Davao City

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