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Sep 6, 2015

photo 11938900_10206994906571781_926263042_n_zps3rn4rqkc.jpg

Going out with friends on a Monday night couldn’t get any better! Especially if you’ll get to enjoy good food, karaoke, and massage in one place. I was surprised to be invited to K1 Family KTV and Spa to try their food and services. At first, there were no slots available. But then Ate Ria texted me to come and join them. I met Caryl Lim, the owner of K1 at their restaurant and was able to try some of their food.

photo K1-8_zpsd5lvbfw8.jpgphoto K1-4_zpsabwedrnx.jpg

Ms. Caryl Lim brought us to their KTV rooms. She showed us the different rooms that are good for 4, 8, and 12 people. They served us a blue margarita to freshen up our throat so we can sing in tune (well, that was a joke), and some desserts.

photo K1-7_zpsg7esdzhs.jpgphoto K1-10_zpstrulwfqa.jpgphoto K1-6_zpswqmhpdmj.jpgphoto K1-9_zpstowesqtg.jpg

We also had a chance to use the Kinect. It is a motion-sensing game that allows gamers to use hand gestures and spoken commands while playing the game. We had a dancing game which we really did enjoy. We danced in groups and in pairs to different dance music.

photo K1-3_zpsnrrgm5hf.jpg

After dancing, it’s time for some relaxation at their spa. While waiting for our turn, they served us this yummy pizza!

photo K1-5_zpsgq3jxh0k.jpg

While finishing our dinner earlier, the staff asked us to pick a spa service to be given to us after the activities. The remaining services were Facial (Diamond Peeling) and Radio Frequency Therapy. Since I just had my facial a few days back, I chose the Radio Frequency Therapy. I was a bit concerned when the staff told me that I should not drink or eat an hour before the therapy. So I was limiting my food and drinks after the dinner. But then we had karaoke and Kinect, so it took me 2 hours to prepare for the RF Therapy.

First, the staff instructed me to take off my clothes, except the undies. Then she let me wear a loose shorts and measured my tummy. I layed on the bed and asked her if it’s really painful. She said it is painful, but not really. So imagine my face when she said that! Haha! I felt like I am up for a major surgery. Well, she gave me more info about how it works and it calmed me down a bit. Then she wiped a cream or a lotion on my tummy before she used the vacuum. It was hot and it’s like someone is pinching your stomach. you can feel it sucking your stomach and yes it hurts, but you’ll get used to it. You’ll see the results after and I was amazed. It took 5 inches on my waist and you can really feel that it tightened your skin.

photo K1-1_zpszt8cwftu.jpg

This experience was really one for the books. I felt like I’m an artista that I went through this type of procedure. Hahaha!

I would like to thank Ms. Caryl Lim for the warm accommodation and to the staff of K1. Eventually, I went back 2 days after and brought my barkada so they can enjoy teir services too. It was really fun!

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Location: F. Torres St., Davao City

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Aug 25, 2015

photo Microsoft8_zpstpd8eolv.jpg

The 1st Microsoft Authorized Reseller Store in Mindanao opened it’s door last August 1 at the NCCC Mall of Davao. I’m glad to be one of the few selected bloggers to attend this event. They had on-the-day discounts for all attendees. The first 30 customers who purchased a Lumia 930, 830, 730, 640 XL and 540 got a FREE Nokia X and a choice among the Coloud Headet, Coloud Speaker, or a Power Bank. Then, the next 50 customers got P1,000 discount on their Lumia purchase.

photo Microsoft1_zpsq1elsyjs.jpgphoto Microsoft2_zpssfwhsa7b.jpgphoto Microsoft3_zpsvfhokihf.jpg

It was a very good day to buy your new Microsoft device. With all of their promos and discounts, I really pushed my mom to buy at the store right away. Though these promos were only available during the opening day, the store will be selling Microsoft devices everyday during the mall hours.

photo Microsoft7_zpsz5tlqaaq.jpgphoto Microsoft9_zps5o8xpqhy.jpgphoto Microsoft6_zps1vvvh7tb.jpgphoto Microsoft5_zpskkad5ior.jpg

Get your authentic Microsoft/Nokia Windows phone today at the 3rd Floor of NCCC Mall Davao.

photo Microsoft10_zpstarw9ywp.jpg

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Apr 26, 2015