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Aug 4, 2018

Huawei released Nova 2i late last year and it became such a big hit that it was sold out on its first day in the Philippines! I bought one a month after because I waited for the blue one and I've been loving it ever since.

Now Huawei released its successor, the Nova 3i and I feel excited when I saw it for the first time. I read fresh reviews online and it really got my interest. But is it going to be a big hit again?

I had the chance to take a closer look and feel of the Nova 3i before its official Philippine Launch at the Huawei Store (8telcom Mobile Solutions) inside Victoria Plaza Mall. First impressions really last and here are the reasons why this new mid-range smartphone is going to be everyone's favorite.

  • It's sleeker and more premium looking with 2.5D glass on its front and back with glossy metal frame. The 6.3-inch Full HD+ (2340 x 1080) provides a wider view. Plus it has a notch design.
  • It has a micro SD card slot good for 2 sims or with 1 memory card that can support up to 256 GB.
  • With specialized four AI Cameras solution of 24MP + 2MP on the front and 16MP + 2MP on the back. The cameras at the back are slightly protruded.
  • With AR features for games and taking photos.
  • Scenery recognition can adjust the surroundings to match your true beauty in selfies.
  • Backgrounds - it adds different cute designs and animations to your selfies.
  • 3D QMojis are their own version of facial animation and expressions that can add more fun to your messaging, texts, and videos. 
  • With Kirin 710 Processor that delivers smooth responsiveness, AI photo features, and immersive gaming experience.
  • With 4GB RAM and 128GB internal storage! That's doubled storage compared to Nova 2i.
  • It runs in the latest Android 8.1 Oreo.
  • With fingerprint sensor and face unlock feature,

  • Battery life is the same with Nova 2i of 3,340mAh. It lasts the whole day without charging.
  • It is available in black, pearl white, and my favorite the Iris Purple.

Though it is a fingerprint magnet, I still love how it looks and it performs really well. Grab one now at the nearest 8telcom Mobile Solutions store in Davao. Get freebies when you buy today!

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Apr 15, 2016

Everyone deserves some relaxation after a busy day at work. It doesn't mean you need to go out of the city or go to the beach. A sip of coffee and a comfortable couch is all you need. Plus some friends to chit chat with. I found a perfect place that serves good food and has a relaxed and comfortable environment. I'm talking about Koffiepauze - a coffee shop we found along Roxas Avenue.

Koffiepauze is a dutch word that simply means "coffee break". The Tinio family had an idea of putting up a one-stop coffee shop that has a flower boutique, a souvenir and stationery stand with complete postal service. However, from those concepts and ideas, only the former was realized. They opened last May 8, 2014 at the Palmetto Condo in Ma-a and transferred late last year at Roxas Avenue.

The managers Ms. Donna Patricia Tinio and Mrs. Melody Liz Espinosa, invited us to their new and bigger home at 100 Roxas Ave. Dormitory. We had the chance to taste some of their dishes and hot and cold drinks.


KHANI SALAD P 150 - The plate is so full! Good for 2 people sharing. But for me, I can eat this by myself. LOL

CORDON BLEU P160 - Cheesy and tender
BREADED PORK CHOP P160 - Your all time favorite pork chop with a unique gravy
LASAGNA P155 - Yummy and cheesy, I like it!

JO'S KOFFIE P110 (Hot) P115 (Cold) - Their specialty served in a large Koffiepauze mug. For hot coffee lovers, this will complete your day. :)
KIWI SODA P95 - Sparkling and refreshing
CHOCO CUPCAKE NON-KOFFIE FRAPPE P135 - It looks like Aloha Latte and somehow tastes like it too. I can't tell the difference. :)


A good place to hang out on the 2nd floor. Wish they have more soft foam or pillows
Leave notes on this wall. It's cute!
They also have 2 small rooms that can accommodate 10-20 people. Good for private meetings or group studies.

My top three favorites are Khani Salad, Chicken Cordon Bleu, and their signature drink Jo's Koffie. So far, I love their food and drinks. Sometimes, the drinks are too sweet so when you order, tell the barista to adjust the sweetness. But the best thing about Koffiepauze is that you'd really feel and enjoy the luxury of your coffee break.

Location: Ground Floor, 100 Roxas Avenue - Dormitory, Roxas Avenue, Davao City
Contact Number: 082 224 4750
Store Hours: 9AM to 1AM

Thanks for dropping by guys! Have a great day!

Apr 13, 2016

If you love fresh seafood and good Filipino food, you should visit Choobi-Choobi Restaurant. They just opened their first branch in Mindanao at SM Lanang Premier, Davao City.

Choobi-Choobi is a Chinese term that means "lingaw-lingaw" in Cebuano or "to enjoy". They serve fresh seafood harvested from a large shrimp farm from Cebu. It's a unique dining experience for you and your family.

We were invited to their grand opening last March 18 and it was handled by PREP - PR, Events, and Promotions. We met the owner Mr. Stan Tanchan, who explained that his grandfather used to say "Choobi-Choobi" after he had a great meal. The opening was hosted by Rovic Cuasito and graced by their brand ambassadress Ms. Erich Gonzales.

We had a chance to taste some of their dishes and they did not disappoint! :)
SHRIMP IN A BAG P225 (1/2 pounds) P395 (1 pound) - Can be cooked in Butter Garlic, Sauteed in Garlic, and Spicy Gata
WHOLE CHOOBANG P225 / P395 - with Cajun sauce
GRILLED POMPANO P90 100/grams - perfectly grilled Pompano fish 
LOLA PEPANG'S FRIED MANOK P345 - One whole chicken. A family recipe passed on for four generations.
CHOOBI PATA P445 (Medium) P465 (Large)  - Crispy pata that is crispy on the outside but soft and juicy on the inside.

My top 3 food choices in Choobi-Chobi are Stan's Fried Black Pepper Shrimp (Not included on this blog but it's super yummy!), Choobi Pata, and Grilled Pompano.

I heard a lot of good reviews from my friends who visited Choobi-Choobi before I did when they had their soft opening a month ago. So I suggest that you should go there and experience a "lingaw-lingaw kaon" with the whole family.

CHOOBI-CHOOBI "Lingaw Lingaw Kaon"
Location: 2nd Floor, SM Lanang Premier Fountain Court
Also at Capitol, Mabolo, Mactan Newton, SM NRA, SM Seaside, SM Manila, Panay Avenue Quezon City, SM Ilo-ilo, SM Bacolod, SM Davao, Limketkai CDO and Centrio Ayala Mall.
Store Hours: Mall Hours
Contact Number: (082)321 1828 (Direct Number @ SM Lanang Premier)

Thanks for dropping by guys! Have a great day!

Apr 5, 2016

In the midst of looking for a good place to eat, I came across Batu Cafe. A uniquely designed restaurant with a bohemian and Asian feel. When you get inside, you can really tell that this will be a good place for a bestie meet up or just a chill place to eat alone or with friends.

We were invited by the owners last March to taste the wide variety of food they serve daily. Along with my friends from Davao Bloggers Society, we tried their breakfast staples, pasta, heavy meals, and desserts. Here are some of the food we tasted.

HAM & CHEESE FRENCH TOAST P139 - Ham and Cheddar sandwiched in thick slices of freshly baked homemade tasty bread, dipped in batter, and pan-grilled. Drizzled with maple syrup, served with orange marmalade butter.

HUNGARIAN CHILI DOG P229 - Open-faced sandwich of Hungarian sausage, chili con carne and cheese using homemade freshly baked bun
KOREAN PORK SPARERIBS AND CHAGIO P198 - Chagio: Crispy Vietnamese spring rolls w/ pork and vermicelli, served with nuoc cham sauce
VIETNAMESE CHICKEN AND BASIL FRIED RICE P169 - Spicy, saucy sauteed chicken in lemon grass and Asian spices, served w/ basil fried rice
ADOBO FLAKES RICE P198 - Crunchy chicken and pork Adobo flakes, with green mango and scrambled eggs on a bowl of rice. Serves 2-3
INDIAN CHICKEN CURRY W/ SAMOSAS P259 - Nutty curried chicken w/ assorted spices served with 2 pieces samosas and mango chutney
PANDAN CHICKEN W/ THAI BAGOONG FRIED RICE P269 - Pandan-wrapped fried chicken served w/ shrimp paste fried rice w/ 7 kinds of sidings
ALIGUE PASTA P189 - Cooked with Aligue (Crab fat) and topped with shrimps. With 1 piece homemade garlic bread
BASIL MALUNGGAY PESTO FETTUCINE P139 (W/ GRILLED ROSEMARY CHICKEN P60) - Paired with 1 piece homemade garlic french bread
THREE CHEESE LASAGNA P169 - Made using homemade lasagna pasta
CRISPY TADYANG P280-350 - Serves 2-3
BULALO STEAK P280-380 - Serves 2-3

RED VELVET CUPCAKE (by Margie's Bakeshop)
YEMA CAKE (by Margie's Bakeshop)
We actually ate a lot of homemade ice creams in different flavors - Mango, Ube, and Durian P65. Their Brownie Ala Mode P109 is super yummy too!

For my top choices - Ham and Cheese French Toast, Aligue Pasta, and Pandan Chicken. They have a wide menu to choose from, so I suggest you ask for recommendations from their friendly staff. They can help you pick the best dish for you. By the way, they also serve fresh juices, shakes, craft beers, and boutique wines.

Location: Las Casitas Hotel, #509 Loyola Street, Barrio Obrero, Davao City
Store Hours: 6AM - 12MN/1AM
Contact Number: 082 222 6552

Thanks for dropping by! Have a great day!