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Apr 13, 2016

If you love fresh seafood and good Filipino food, you should visit Choobi-Choobi Restaurant. They just opened their first branch in Mindanao at SM Lanang Premier, Davao City.

Choobi-Choobi is a Chinese term that means "lingaw-lingaw" in Cebuano or "to enjoy". They serve fresh seafood harvested from a large shrimp farm from Cebu. It's a unique dining experience for you and your family.

We were invited to their grand opening last March 18 and it was handled by PREP - PR, Events, and Promotions. We met the owner Mr. Stan Tanchan, who explained that his grandfather used to say "Choobi-Choobi" after he had a great meal. The opening was hosted by Rovic Cuasito and graced by their brand ambassadress Ms. Erich Gonzales.

We had a chance to taste some of their dishes and they did not disappoint! :)
SHRIMP IN A BAG P225 (1/2 pounds) P395 (1 pound) - Can be cooked in Butter Garlic, Sauteed in Garlic, and Spicy Gata
WHOLE CHOOBANG P225 / P395 - with Cajun sauce
GRILLED POMPANO P90 100/grams - perfectly grilled Pompano fish 
LOLA PEPANG'S FRIED MANOK P345 - One whole chicken. A family recipe passed on for four generations.
CHOOBI PATA P445 (Medium) P465 (Large)  - Crispy pata that is crispy on the outside but soft and juicy on the inside.

My top 3 food choices in Choobi-Chobi are Stan's Fried Black Pepper Shrimp (Not included on this blog but it's super yummy!), Choobi Pata, and Grilled Pompano.

I heard a lot of good reviews from my friends who visited Choobi-Choobi before I did when they had their soft opening a month ago. So I suggest that you should go there and experience a "lingaw-lingaw kaon" with the whole family.

CHOOBI-CHOOBI "Lingaw Lingaw Kaon"
Location: 2nd Floor, SM Lanang Premier Fountain Court
Also at Capitol, Mabolo, Mactan Newton, SM NRA, SM Seaside, SM Manila, Panay Avenue Quezon City, SM Ilo-ilo, SM Bacolod, SM Davao, Limketkai CDO and Centrio Ayala Mall.
Store Hours: Mall Hours
Contact Number: (082)321 1828 (Direct Number @ SM Lanang Premier)

Thanks for dropping by guys! Have a great day!

Aug 2, 2015

photo IMG_6167-2_zpslcgemwnu.jpg

I believe that every food tasting is a blessing! Haha! So I was really glad to be one of the Davao bloggers to taste Primo’s newest dishes last June 18. PRIMO has been operating in Davao since March 16, 2012. A group of friends who loves food decided to build this restaurant where everybody can hang out, eat good food, and have fun. PRIMO means “cousin” in Spanish, or a “close relative”. In English, it means “first in excellence, quality, or value”.

photo Primo1_zpsonotgs2h.jpg

When I visited PRIMO for the first time last 2013, I only had a drink and believe me, I can still remember how good their mojito is! So I am excited to taste their food for the first time. Mr. Alex Tiaoqui accommodated us and introduced their dishes one at a time.

photo IMG_7821-1_zpsynwt48sn.jpg
TUNA SASHIMI DIABLO (P165) - It’s not that sour, but it was really spicy. It also tastes “milky” for me. I like the combination of the crunchy wonton chips and the spicy tuna sashimi. It’s like an “Asian Tuna Tacos?” haha!

photo IMG_7822-1_zpsrwkmsjxo.jpg
CHEESE STICK FLAUTAS (P150) - I was hesitant to try it first because when I heard “flautas”, I imagined a big and very spicy green bell pepper inside this Lumpia wrapper. But when I tried it, it only has a small amount of green bell pepper and it tastes good! It’s more cheesy than spicy and the roasted tomato salsa is really good!

photo IMG_7820-1_zpsmtitah1d.jpg
SIZZLING BEEF TENDON (P220) - I am not a fan of beef tendons or “litid”, but their version of this dish is a “thumbs up”. It has a thick gravy with garlic. I highly recommend this as a main dish served with rice.

photo IMG_7818-1_zpsv2goc9r0.jpg
MUSHROOMS AND CHORIZO (P185) - Sauteed chorizo, button mushrooms, and caramelized onions in Olive oil and garlic. The chorizo was too salty for me, but the mushrooms balanced the taste.

photo IMG_7819-1_zpsjht4wjy2.jpg
PESTO LINGUINI (P155) - I was surprised that their version of pesto pasta is not oily, which is a good thing. I like the saltiness of the parmesan cheese and the crunch of toasted cashew nuts. This might be a new favorite for pesto pasta lovers.

photo IMG_7806-1_zpsrz967qs6.jpg
BACON MUSHROOM MELT (P255) - I really wanted to eat the whole burger by myself, but I had to share it to my fellow bloggers. Haha! The beef patty was delicious and the bacon was crispy and tasty. The french fries was seasoned just right. I’ll think of eating this when I’m in a bad mood and I want to eat something to de-stress myself. Haha!

photo IMG_7808-1_zpsulnk1jwi.jpg
SHRIMP DIAVEL PASTA (P250) - I love seafood pasta and I must say that this one was cooked to perfection. The spicy gambas were not overcooked and the marinara sauce gave me the “kilig” feeling. Haha! Definitely, a must try!

photo IMG_7827-1_zpspg8br1lc.jpg
SEAFOOD SUPREMO PIZZA (P360)  - This is one of my favorite dishes too! It’s a thin crust pizza with shrimp, anchovies, garlic, onion, and mozzarella! You can really tell that there’s anchovies because of the strong smell and taste. I couldn’t ask for more!

photo IMG_7809-1_zpsdg6dnui1.jpg
GRILLED CHEESE, TOMATO, AND BASIL (P140) - They combined the rich flavors of cheddar cheese and basil sandwiched in a toasted wheat bread. The smell is strong, but it adds flavour in every bite. This is a perfect merienda served with an iced tea.

photo IMG_7811-1_zps7jah0bd1.jpg
CLASSIC GOLDEN WAFFLE AND MANGO JUBILEE WAFFLE (P110/P170) - Both waffles are yummy. But the best waffle goes to the Mango Jubilee. Vanilla Ice cream + Mango + Waffle = best dessert ever!
photo IMG_7812-1_zpsqtyn45ox.jpg

If you would ask me what are my top 3 dishes, that would be the Shrimp Diavel Pasta, Seafood Supremo Pizza, and the Mango Jubilee Waffle. Per order is good for 2 persons. So if you are going out in large groups, you might have to order more. The price range is Php150-Php360. They also serve different beers and cocktails.

We would like to thank Ms. Karla Singson for inviting us and for organizing the food tasting event. Thanks again to Sir Alex for the warm accommodation.

Contact Number: (082) 295-6391
Location: Camus - General Luna Sts. Downtown, Davao City

Thanks for dropping by! Have a great day!