Feb 2, 2015

The New Darcy's Place

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I was invited to a food tasting event last January 24, 2015 in Darcy’s Place located at Damosa Gateway Lanang. They want us to try their newest dishes and soon they will add them on their menu. They just transferred late last year from their old location at Sobrecarey St. I once visited their old place with friends last year and we liked it. And oh! I also met some of the bloggers from Davao Bloggers Society for the first time and it was fun!

Darcy’s Place is a cafe that serves good food, yummy milk teas, and hot and cold drinks. This cafe is cute because the place is filled with Pandas! No, not the living pandas, but the stuffed ones. Hahaha! You can see a lot of panda stuffed toys in different sizes and some cute stuff like mugs and paintings with of course.. panda designs.

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They have panda hats too! You can wear it and take pictures with friends. Kawaii, right? (Turning Japanese here LOL) And you can also read some of their books from the shelf.

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They are still not finished in decorating the place that’s why you can see blank spaces on the wall. In their old place, there was a big mural of a big panda and the walls has a lot of colored post it notes. Hope to see more decorations soon.

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Ms. Diane Erica Miñoza, the co-owner explained to us the cute story on how this cafe was built. She and the resident chef and owner, Mr. Alvin L. Roxas met in an online game. Diane loves baking and reading books, while Alvin loves to cook. So when they decided to put up a cafe, Diane used the name Darcy from a famous novel by Nicholas Sparks in “The Notebook”. Then since Alvin’s favorite online game character is a panda, they incorporated it in the design of their cafe. Isn’t it cute and kilig? Hehehe…

So, let’s proceed to their newest dishes and here are my reviews about it.

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Texan Roadrunner - This dish is new to me. The meat ball on top is flavorful and salty and you need to eat it with the potatoes and carrots. It’s like eating a burger patty and hash browns. I like it! :)

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Pan-Seared Chicken with White Wine Reduction Sauce - This one is my favorite. The chicken is tender and the spaghetti Aglio e Olio is aldente. The white wine sauce is yummy and if you wiped it with the lemon juice, it will even taste better.

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Hawaiian Chicken - It’s like your favorite Hawaiian Pizza but served with pasta. I like it better if they served the sauce and the chicken on top of the pasta so it will absorb more of the taste.

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Cream Dory with Apple Sauce - This one tastes good. But I don’t know, maybe I like the sauce to be sweeter? I like sweets and I like apples. I also like Dory! :)

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Tomato Basil Cream Dory - I love this! It’s flavorful! The basil + tomatoes + dory = good combination. :)

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Breaded Chops with Broccoli Sauce - This will be served with a cup of rice. I like the taste of it but the chicken is not that tender.

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Surf and Turf - A big serving of T-bone steak with red wine sauce, potatoes, and shrimps on the side. The steak was kinda tough to slice and swallow. But if it’s served tender, it’s a perfect meal for someone who is dead hungry. :)

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Chili Pasta w/ Meatball - If you like a spicy pasta, then order this. The crunchy meatball was OK but the pasta was good.

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I just learned a lot of things in serving coffee. Ms. Diane served an Arabica en Robusta in a Calita Wave and Chemex. It’s a strong coffee but it tastes good. I can drink 2 glasses of this every day. If it’s too strong for you, you can add a drop of syrup. They will serve them in cups and if you want less stronger kind of coffee beans, you can ask them too.

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All of the dishes above will soon be on their menu and probably will be sold from P150-P185 except the Surf and Turf at P250. Hope to try their new hot and cold drinks. I actually love their flurries before. Here’s their menu for now. I think they need to print a new one. :)

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Good News! They are now serving beers! So you can cuddle the pandas, read books, and drink beers if you want! It’s cool right? Thanks again to Ms. Diane and Sir Alvin for inviting us. We’d love to come and visit again.

(With the owners and my fellow bloggers from Davao Bloggers Society. Jimmer, Fauxt, Ms. Diane, Chef Alvin, and Jonas. Not in the picture but made the event more fun - Kevin and Alyssa. Photo below grabbed from - www.davaocityguy.me)

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Like them on Facebook here. Follow them on Instagram here.

For inquiries, email them at welovedarcys@gmail.com or call (082) 282 8394. 

Thanks for reading my blog today! :)

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