Sep 27, 2016

PLDT SME Nation launched BroGo

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As most travelers today carry a smartphone with mobile technology, PLDT SME Nation aims to enhance customer and hospitality experience by introducing a brand new wireless broadband connection, BroGo. The first of its kind in the Philippines, BroGo is PLDT SME Nation's newest bundle tailored fit to every entrepreneur and top-grade businesses. It allows internet connection to hotel guests even beyond the walls of the hotel.

This exclusive bundle comes with gadgets and mobile data connection devices. BroGo enables hotels to deliver reliable mobile internet connectivity to their guests at an affordable price.

"Technology has changed the way people travel, experience, and share travel experiences across the globe. Her in the Philippines, PLDT SME Nation recognizes this growing need from entrepreneurs in our hotel industry for a solution that enables them to cater to today's on-the-go mobile consumers," shares Neph Denosta, AVP/Head of SME Nation Wireless Marketing.

"With BroGo, internet connectivity for hotel guests and travelers does not stop inside the premises of these establishments. They could easily continue to be looped in online and conveniently share their travel experiences with family and friends through easy-to-bring pocket WiFis and their mobile devices - fast and in real-time."

BroGo comes an internet load portal with which hotel entrepreneurs can easily access and manage multiple prepaid sims and pocket WiFis that they can lend or rent out to their guests. As a result, hotels can attain up to 200% return on investment from their BroGo subscription.

PLDT BroGo is already available since September 2016. To know more about the PLDT SME Nation, please visit

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