Aug 4, 2018

Sun Life Financial Event - A Wake Up Call

I attended a Sun Life Financial event last Friday named "Let's have some FUNds #SunLifeFunday" at Rekado Davao. After work, I immediately went to the venue to check out what Sun Life Financial prepared for us. I came and listened to the speakers and I considered it as a wake-up call!

The event just started when I arrived at the venue. Everyone's listening to Mark Bonifacio's speech on how to save money and find ways to earn more. It was indeed a slap to my face when he talked about bad spending habits and not saving money for future use. Every detail of his presentation was on point and realistic.

He mentioned that examining my bills and subscriptions are also important. I even denied this fact before but now I am listing the subscriptions that I really don't need and will cut them out as soon as possible.

What really hit me the most was when he mentioned bad money habits. I didn't even know about the term "emotional spending" until that very moment. I realized I'm doing it for the longest time and I need to stop it ASAP. It's like you're in a bad mood and wants to buy anything just to make you happy or you're stressed from work, you'll go shopping for new clothes or take out expensive food.

Impulsive buying is also one of my problems. You're off to the mall just to buy groceries but ended up going home with shopping bags.

JP Fabian, a Sun Life Financial Advisor taught us to start investing for our future ASAP. He shared his experiences, realizations, on how he started saving up, and eventually became a Sun Life Financial Advisor. He was hospitalized before and found out that he's no longer able to sustain the expenses at the hospital. Without an insurance, he eventually asked money from his parents. He taught us that we should be prepared for anything and get a trusted insurance company.

It was an eye-opener experience for me and I really needed that. Especially lately I'm having problems handling my own finances. I would love to take part in their next events and learn more from them. Start to live brighter today and check out Sun Life Financial.

You can visit their website here - SUN LIFE FINANCIAL and talk to a financial advisor.

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