Apr 22, 2020

Honesty Jeepney in Davao during the COVID-19

There is a viral video circulating online showing containers made of repurposed Shell Rimula engine oil plastic containers that were used to hold passengers' fares inside a jeepney. This was captured by Jefferson Camasin while riding the "honesty jeepney." Instead of the usual way of paying, the passengers will have to put their payments in the container.

Honesty Jeepney Davao Shell Rimula jexxhinggo.com
Due to the pandemic, we were advised to follow the social distancing protocols. And before the enhanced community quarantine was implemented in Davao City, the "honesty system" became a practice for some jeepney drivers or operators.

The honesty system is not new to us because it has been practiced in many establishments like coffee houses and souvenir shops. This has been a practice in other countries too not only in the Philippines. It is done through self-service. When the customers pay for the goods, they will just leave their payments and get their change from an open pot of money. No attendant or cashier to help you.

The honesty system in the jeepney was useful to avoid unnecessary contact with other passengers following the social distancing rules. Jefferson said that he and other passengers praised the driver for implementing the honesty system in his jeepney. It was a difficult time for jeepney drivers because they still need to earn a living during the pandemic. But because it's business as usual, drivers had to improvise a system for them to still earn money for their families while following a strict rule and making sure their passengers are safe. All public transportation, including jeepneys, were restricted to operate due to the ECQ which started last April 4, 2020.

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