Mar 31, 2023

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang ALLSTAR Festival with ITZY

ITZY, a popular KPOP group, has become global ambassadors for the mobile game Mobile Legends: Bang Bang's (MLBB) 'Harmonia' stage. This is the first time MLBB and Korean artists are working together on a joint campaign. Fans can join the ITZY members to conquer the darkness on the ALLSTAR-themed map, 'Harmonia'.
ITZY Mobile Legends

Since their debut in 2019 with the album "IT'z Different" and the catchy single "Dalla Dalla", the five-member group has won numerous music awards and show wins, setting them apart as one of the youngest most successful female KPOP groups. Players of the game can enjoy exclusive ALLSTAR rewards and new hero skins to celebrate the arrival of ITZY.
ITZY Mobile Legends

On March 31st, players can receive up to 1,999 diamonds as rewards, including emotes and the ALLSTAR Exclusive Avatar Border Shine! Additionally, the ALLSTAR event will feature four new hero skins: Miya "Atomic Pop," Eudora "Atomic Pop," Rafaela "Seraphic Selfie," and Hanabi "Moonlit Ninja." These skins can be used to battle enemies in the new map event, Purify Harmonia.

Furthermore, players can enjoy an exclusive in-game ALLSTAR music track. The Purify Harmonia event will last from March 31st to April 23rd, during which players can complete tasks to acquire Technotes for redeeming ALLSTAR rewards, including the new exclusive skins. Players can also receive free rewards from the event launch day until April 25th by logging in.

Don't just be a wannabe; become the superstar you've always dreamed of being!
ITZY Mobile Legends

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