Oct 17, 2023

Grab Philippines Commited to Drive Economic Empowerment in Mindanao

Grab Philippines has announced its commitment to drive economic empowerment in Mindanao. The region is rich in cultural heritage and natural resources and is poised to become a thriving hub of economic activity in the Philippines. Grab Philippines aims to leverage its advanced technology, extensive network of highly engaged users, and community-focused approach to unlock new possibilities for growth and prosperity. The company will collaborate with local partners, government agencies, and regulators to roll out key initiatives aimed at empowering local communities, supporting micro-entrepreneurs, and stimulating economic development.
Grab Philippines Davao
Grab Philippines Davao

Key pillars include:

1. Partnering for Success: According to research conducted by the Mindanao Development Authority, effective partnerships can lead to a 15% increase in job creation and a 20% boost in local Businesses’ growth.

Grab Philippines will forge strategic partnerships with local government units, community organizations, and industry associations to align efforts and create an enabling environment for economic empowerment. These collaborations will focus on areas such as skills development, access to financing, and market access for local entrepreneurs.

2. Empowering MSMEs in Mindanao: Grab Philippines recognizes the significant impact of micro-entrepreneurs on economic development. According to a study conducted by the Philippine Statistics Authority, micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) in Mindanao contribute over 60% to the region’s total employment.

Grab Philippines will provide targeted support to micro-entrepreneurs in Mindanao, enabling them to leverage Grab’s platform to expand their businesses, access new markets, and improve their livelihoods. Through training programs via GrabMerchant Academy, Grab aims to equip micro-entrepreneurs with the tools and knowledge necessary to thrive in a digital economy.

3. Fostering Innovation and Technology Adoption: Embracing the transformative power of technology, Grab Philippines will collaborate with local startups, technology incubators, and educational institutions. The Mindanao Economic Development Council reports that innovation-driven economies have the potential to increase labor productivity by up to 50%. By promoting innovation and digital adoption, Grab aims to enhance competitiveness and fuel Mindanao's economic progress.

Through collaborations with key partners from both the public and private sector, Grab will support initiatives that drive technological advancements, enhance digital literacy, and promote entrepreneurship in the region.

4. Enhancing Mobility: Recognizing the crucial role of transportation in the Philippines’ socioeconomic well-being, Grab Philippines is committed to improving mobility in Mindanao. A recent survey conducted by the Mindanao Development Authority highlights that 70% of residents face challenges in accessing safe and reliable transportation options. By expanding its ride-hailing services to key areas in Mindanao, partnering with local transport operators, and investing in sustainable transportation solutions, Grab aims to bridge this gap: by facilitating economic activities and improving overall connectivity.

Grab has launched its flagship mobility service, GrabCar, in Davao City to help alleviate transportation challenges commuters face in Mindanao. The leading super-app aims to expand its fleet of driver-partners and meet the fast-rising demand for safe and accessible transportation. Grab believes that this move will help advance the key thrusts of the local government in livelihood creation, as well as MICE and tourism support. During the launch event at Dusit Thani Davao, Grab Philippines also hinted at the future launch of GrabCar in other areas in Mindanao, expanding its portfolio of services across the region.

Grab Philippines invites partners, stakeholders, and community leaders to join hands in this transformative journey toward economic empowerment in Mindanao and build a prosperous and inclusive future for all.

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