Apr 30, 2024

PLDT Home Fiber Fastbreak: Connecting Hoops Passion in Mindanao

PLDT Home recently held an event called the Fiber Fastbreak in Davao City. This is the 2nd leg of their tour series, and they brought together basketball fans and their favorite players. The event featured stars like Peter June Simon, who's known as the 'Scoring Apostle', and players from the TNT Tropang Giga team, such as Gryann Mendoza, Poy Erram, and Glenn Khobuntin. Jayson "The Blur" Castro also joined the tour and made the local basketball community very excited.
PLDT Home Fiber Fast Break Davao 2024
Mindanao has always been a place with a lot of talented basketball players. Some well-known players from the region include Baser Amer, Alvin Pasaol, and Peter June Simon. PLDT Home's event in Davao was a way to connect with this passionate basketball scene.

During the event, fans got to meet and interact with their favorite players. Peter June Simon, who is now retired, was also there as the Deputy Commissioner for Mindanao in the Pilipinas Super League. The presence of players like Gryann Mendoza, Poy Erram, and Glenn Khobuntin, who are from Mindanao, showed the region's rich basketball history. Their success stories inspire young players and prove that talent can come from anywhere.
PLDT Home Fiber Fast Break Davao
PLDT Home Fiber Fast Break Davao
PLDT Home Fiber Fast Break Davao
PLDT Home Fiber Fast Break Davao
PLDT Home Fiber Fast Break Davao Gryann Mendoza
The Fiber Fastbreak series will continue to other cities like Lipa, Batangas, and Metro Manila. The final event in SM Megamall will have a star-studded lineup and exciting activities for basketball fans.

PLDT Home is offering a special promo for new Fiber customers to celebrate the basketball fever. From April 1, 2024, to May 31, 2024, new applicants of the Fiber Unli All 2099 plan will get a complimentary one-month NBA League Pass they can use to catch more live games and moments right inside the comforts of their home.
PLDT Home Fiber Fast Break Davao
Join PLDT Home in celebrating the Filipino passion for basketball. Sign up for a PLDT Home Fiber plan and experience the thrill of the NBA Playoffs and the Fiber Fastbreak series!

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