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May 3, 2024

HATASUMMER FEST 2024The summer heat is on, and HATASU, the popular local e-bike brand, is kicking things up a notch with their HATASUmmer Fest 2024 campaign. Packed with new product launches, hot deals, and thrilling promos, this campaign is sure to get e-bike enthusiasts revved up and ready to hit the roads.

First up, HATASU is unveiling two new e-bike models this May 10th. The HATASU TARA promises longer travel distances, faster speeds, and better endurance - perfect for food delivery riders and moto-taxi drivers looking to save on fuel costs. Another upcoming model, the HATASU AYA, is said to be a real head-turner with its stunning design.

But the excitement doesn't stop there. HATASU is joining the Shopee 5.5 Mega Sale from May 5-9, 2024, offering up to ₱4,000 worth of discounts, free shipping, and freebies on the popular HATASU KUMI 2023 model. Shoppers can also score accessories for as low as ₱99, and an additional 10% off on the second accessory purchase. For more details be sure to follow the official HATASU Shopee Store
And the savings don't end there. HATASU is running the Hatasulit sa Tag-init Raffle Promo, where e-bike buyers from May 15 to June 30, 2024, can earn raffle entries to win exciting prizes, including a brand-new HATASU TARA.









But HATASU isn't just about the products and promotions. The brand's commitment to education and road safety continues with the HATASU Careavan campaign, which is expanding to more cities this summer, providing free maintenance checks and educational sessions.

To top it all off, HATASU is hosting a HATASUmmer Fest Livestream on May 10th, where they'll unveil the HATASU TARA and give viewers a chance to win summer giveaways.

With all these exciting offerings, it's clear that HATASU is determined to make this summer one to remember for e-bike enthusiasts. So, what are you waiting for? Hop on, and get ready to experience the best of what HATASU has to offer this season.

Oct 18, 2023

HATASU e-bike is a mobility solution brand that aims to provide safe, value-for-money, and sustainable products that meet the daily riding needs of Filipinos. The brand has already achieved nationwide coverage through strong partnerships with some of the biggest automotive and technology dealerships and is now available in over 500+ Authorized Dealer Stores and has established 9 Concept Stores in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. The brand is working with key financial providers to provide financial support to its customers. HATASU also provides home service repairs and collaborates with its dealers to build Accredited Service Centers so users can easily have their units checked.

HATASU e-bike is also aiming to push its sustainable mobility goals to more countries over the next few years. As part of this goal, the brand is now registered in five (5) other countries including China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and Vietnam. The brand has not disclosed any specs details but mentioned that it’ll be launching a new three-wheeler model in time for its first anniversary this November.
HATASU ebike
“We are truly honoured to have received such a warm welcome from our media partners and of course from our Hatasukis (HATASU ebike owners and fans) who gave their trust and support for us to achieve the milestones we have despite being a young brand. We are excited to see HATASU e-bike grow in the local market and we cannot wait to expand our line-up of products to provide the best riding experience for all Filipinos,” says Austine Huang, Chief Marketing Officer.
HATASU ebike

HATASU’s three-wheeler products MAKO and MAKO 2 are best for families. Parents can use it to fetch their kids from school or to run errands to the supermarket, laundry store, bank and more. Families are also sure to enjoy their weekend because the MAKO series can bring them anywhere, anytime! May it be the mall, restaurant and/or the park. Have a small business? The MAKO series got you! Packed with ample storage solutions and comfortable seats, these units can be used as a delivery vehicle for your business.

HARU, HATASU’s latest three-wheeler that seats one person with an additional backseat, is the brand’s riding solution for individuals who need a vehicle but do not know how to ride or balance a bike and/or are not confident to drive a two-wheeler. Equipped with beginner-friendly features, even someone with no prior experience driving an e-bike can easily hop on and use it!
HATASU ebike

“Our ultimate goal for HATASU is not to simply sell e-bikes, we want HATASU to become a symbol of progress and sustainability, a driving force in the electric mobility landscape whilst ensuring accessibility to everyone,” says Austine Huang, Chief Marketing Officer.

HATASU e-bike continues to collaborate with its partner dealers, key opinion leaders, events, and organizations to bring the HATASU e-bike to different regions in the country so that anywhere you are, you can get the full HATASU experience. This inclusive approach to brand building has set HATASU as one of the bike brands to watch out for.