September 27, 2015

photo 1AAC57F7-BA3B-4E11-A708-943D79CB5FB5_zps0mkvoyd2.jpg
The Davao Chocolate Festival was formally opened last September 25, Friday at the SM City Davao Annex Event Center. This festival actually started last year and due to the success of it, the exhibitors gathered together to continue to give Dabawenyos the taste of chocolates made only in Mindanao.

photo 9B8CED93-190E-4441-A9AF-3E66F914BAB9_zpsrtixyctm.jpg

The festival is organized by Cacao Industry Development Association of Mindanao Incorporated (CIDAMI) and SM City Davao. Here are the exhibitors at the event.

photo BB4EB2F5-6FAA-40D0-987C-159AD9A1B1B9_zpsutzv1tqw.jpgphoto 08C87149-B848-4804-9D1C-1640CCCD0764_zps3tawvira.jpgphoto DC36CCD4-D864-4270-91C3-350EEF33A192_zps5j69s8zn.jpgphoto 58156632-7EDF-4572-B425-1877EFC33CA1_zps9nmn3im5.jpgphoto A429B595-FE87-4301-BBA7-F4A8C52C3304_zps7bdrsbvh.jpgphoto C9C17F03-66C0-4736-9C9F-844DD6EA9C2E_zps08d0eqku.jpgphoto F246E9E3-C8EF-49C7-913C-4E7173BB8D24_zpsuaf6yzoy.jpgphoto 2D0A43EB-8627-4521-A614-5661C909A9DD_zps6hfeulw5.jpgphoto FC5EEA96-1212-4638-8BE2-9508863175AB_zps1oncvwwx.jpgphoto 270B4F17-922E-4F69-AB2A-DF9D0BF2A818_zpsdnvdgepd.jpg

Mr. Val Turtur, the CIDAMI’s Executive Director said that there is a huge demand for cacao all over the world and this is an opportunity to our local cacao growers and chocolate processors to expand their businesses worldwide. There will be a lot of guests who will check out the displays, samples, or products at the festival.

photo CDF99837-76D4-4533-B8A5-D353477A1DD4_zps9oluf48m.jpgphoto ECACAF1F-7D36-431F-903E-EC738DCB00EF_zpsvd7z3axm.jpg

The SM City Davao Assistant Mall Manager, Engr. Nick Saptos said that the attendees can also win a golden ticket if they can guess how many chocolate coins are there inside this capsule.

photo A46246ED-AC6B-46A3-89DE-94649FCB5B89_zpsksfhxc7m.jpg

Just post a photo of this capsule on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram with the hashtag #SMDavaoChocolateFestival and the number of chocolate coins. The winner with the closest guess wins the ticket!

photo 2993BD92-5FAE-4662-9DE1-DCB9D3D9559C_zpss7ivea8m.jpg

Visit the Davao Chocolate Festival now and taste the chocolates proudly made in Davao.

photo E62E9382-CEF3-4C17-8E78-758CD98DFC1B_zpsvfsimokt.jpgphoto 1385A2C2-89DE-48A0-AED5-5D541B64E989_zpsuziy3dky.jpg

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First and foremost, I just want to say that I was really amazed when I learned about the newest ZenFones from ASUS. We were invited to join the ASUS ZenFest, a gathering of Zenfone fans at Rekado Davao. The ASUS team introduced the newest Zenfones in the market and all of us were truly impressed and we cannot wait to get a hands-on experience with these gadgets.

photo B7BB3106-76E6-4CD7-B53D-AC58E04336C4_zps71j3rki7.jpg

ZenFone 2 Laser
photo BC0BC909-A59E-4F13-AEFE-6703BEFE6C92_zps2rwevmsc.jpg
It comes with a 5.0 and 5.5 inch, 1280 x 720 HD Resolution and an Anti-Scratch Corning Gorilla Glass 4. It has a storage of 16GB ROM and it supports Micro SD Card. Front camera - 5MP and Rear camera - 13MP. Full HD Video recording 1080p @ 30fps capture. Dual Micro SIM wit Android 5.0 Lollipop. More detailed specs here.

Zenfone 2 Deluxe
photo 6504E54D-EEA6-42A5-A0C6-A9EE4901E368_zpsg2981ssd.jpgphoto 41AF94C0-1571-42C5-AC9A-570C8046B4FF_zpsrowhnjtq.jpg
One of my favorites because of it’s sleek design and back case. It has a 5.5 inch display and an Anti-Scratch Corning Gorilla Glass 3. Storage is at 128 GB MLC ROM and supports MicroSD up to 64GB. Front camera - 5MP and Rear camera - 13MP. This has the PixelMaster and PixelEnhancing Technology that will make your photos even brighter and clear. It’s a DUAL SIM phone and it charge up to 60% capacity in 39 minutes! And as I’ve said, this has a unique back cover because it has a chameleon type of color. It has an illusion of changing colors. You see blue, then you see maroon, violet, etc. More specs here.

Zenfone Selfie
photo 1FE7DDD9-2056-4B51-9481-3389631A1A80_zpsokfitda9.jpgphoto 015B0009-7F39-4449-8742-2303F65B813D_zps2wnoouwc.jpg
I guess this was the most promising phone and all of us got excited to try the Zenfone Selfie. It has a 5.5 inch display and an Anti Scratch Corning Glass 4.32GB ROM storage and supports micro SD’s. The best part is that it has a 13MP front and rear camera! How cool is that?! It has low light mode, back light mode, macro focus, manual mode, and super resolution mode. Real time beautification effects made my girl friends go gaga over it. No more editing your selfies with this phone.

photo 7891D7D9-4DFA-4B04-9E80-88BAD5D6F31C_zpswsegzogr.jpg
This is also a DUAL SIM phone with full HD video recording. It comes in Pure white, Aqua Blue, and Chick Pink. More specs here.

photo 9EBE2EE4-5D6A-4F31-A432-F3070EABC1F3_zpsfs1j14zb.jpg

It’s obvious that we are so excited with the new Zenfones!
photo IMG_4703_zpssdtkrda1.jpg
Thank you to Sir Josef Cortez Cagas and the ASUS Team for inviting us to this event. We are now fans of Zenfone! Yaay!
photo IMG_4707_zpsbeelxxnz.jpg
These are our selfies taken from the Zenfone Selfie
photo 12067750_10207914865938341_988785138_n_zpsmsmu1kcb.jpg

photo 837_zps03moieih.jpg

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September 21, 2015

photo Belo5_zpsorqsl2aj.jpg

This year marks the 25 beautiful years of The Belo Medical Group in the science of beauty business. From a humble 40 sq meter clinic, they now have 11 clinics all over the country. They just recently opened 2 new branches, one in Davao which is a first in Mindanao, and one in SM North EDSA. So to celebrate another milestone, Belo goes festive last August 10-12 in Abreeza Mall Davao and made this a memorable one.

photo Belo_Davao_zpstpyqljby.jpg

The Belo Medical Group in Davao opened its doors last February 2015 and since then, they received positive support from their existing and new customers all over Mindanao. The Davaoenos really waited for a long time for Belo to put a clinic here in the city. Now, we don’t need to take a flight to Manila or Cebu to experience the magic of Belo.

photo Belo11_zpsbexpbok5.jpg

I was so lucky to be part of their grandest press launch at SEDA Hotel Davao last August 12. It was hosted by Cristalle Belo-Henares, with their endorsers, Margie Moran Floirendo and Piolo Pascual.
photo Belo12_zpsnircnik7.jpg
We had a great lunch and we had fun creating these headdresses organized by Gatchi & Gatchi Events.
photo Belo9_zpsns77fapl.jpg

photo Belo4_zpsymuwbt3a.jpg
Dr. Vicki Belo shared to us her humble beginnings and memorable experiences in putting up a big beauty business.
photo belo1_zpsdzo7p8ac.jpg
Piolo and Margie also shared their stories and why they are still with the brand they love for how many years.

photo Belo7_zpspw01jld7.jpg
Of course, I had to take a picture with us together to know who is the most handsome guy. Well, it looks like I win. Hahaha!

After the press launch, we head down to the ribbon cutting event at the Belo clinic located at the 2nd floor of Abreeza Mall. Next to it is the grand mall show with Piolo serenading the audience.

photo Belo3_zpsoxk8jzyb.jpgphoto Belo8_zpsy7bylwbd.jpgphoto Belo6_zpsj0wxosz0.jpg

It was indeed a festive day for Belo. The continued growth and expansion is a testament to Belo’s vision of making the Philippines the most beautiful country in the world, one person at a time.

photo Belo2_zps6u2zeg3h.jpg

For more information:
Belo Davao: Facebook Page


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September 12, 2015

photo Berocca7_zps2m0yiqtw.jpg

partied with us in Kadayawan #OnFullBlast as they introduced their newest flavors - Orange, Citrus, and Mixed Berries. Berocca is a brand of effervescent drink in tablet form. It contains B vitamins, Vitamin C, and Aspartame. We had a blast at Club Echelon taking the first dibs in their newest flavors.

photo Berocca1_zpsisl5qee4.jpg

photo 11229892_1162703897077161_6433805567899420819_n_zpsktjfl2kh.jpg
With the managers of Berocca Philippines
photo 11889607_1162704380410446_7504022893651790861_n_zpsdzk1gdc6.jpg
Davao Bloggers represent!
photo 11059840_1162704180410466_4394149879542265666_n_zpswxqmxl6b.jpg
Looks like this is approved by Inday Sara. She’s so pretty that night, by the way.
photo Berocca5_zpss17csmhd.jpg
They gave out samples to the crowd to pump it all up!
photo Berocca6_zpsjzy1zsrp.jpg
Feeling hyper after drinking the newest flavors of Berocca. 
photo 11880381_1162704063743811_8515798182276949983_n_zpsmhdwtbjv.jpg

photo 11855626_1162704503743767_1923049372140910742_n_zps4z71jqyd.jpgphoto 11880609_1162705283743689_8549371210390981272_n_zpscyulbmpf.jpg

photo 11846714_1162704220410462_4271506780520001610_n_zpsxq1qqbj5.jpg
Awesome local and Manila DJ’s spinning on deck.
photo 11870851_1162703567077194_472389858514090843_n_zpso9kolc1q.jpgphoto 11873710_1162704557077095_692634968166386455_n_zpsuwtlnxmp.jpg

Thanks Berocca for inviting us! Let’s have an #OnFullBlast weekend by taking Berocca. This will enhance your physical and mental performance if taken daily.

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