June 30, 2016

Fujifilm Instax Philippines invited us to Instax & Crafts DIY Workshop last May 21 at Abreeza Ayala Mall. Of course as a fan of Fujifilm Instax and DIY projects, I have no plans of missing this one out. Thanks to Ms. Jojie Alcantara, Fujifilm Ambassador for inviting us to the workshop.

We were given a chance to print 5 copies of Instax photos using our cell phones to the Instax Share printer. You have to install the Instax Share App first and choose the photos you would like to print. Then connect it to the Instax Share Printer and you'll get an instant photo right away!

I am so happy to learn some photography tips from Ms. Jojie especially to take double exposure photos using the Fujifilm Instax Cameras. It was a bit difficult at first but you'll get used to it and you'll be surprised with every result.

Ms. April San Pedro of Artisan Paperie also taught us how to create our own Instax Pop-Up Banner. I left my creative juices at home so I don't know what I was doing. I just cut out some colored papers and used all of the materials on the table. Hahaha!

It was indeed a creative and productive event, thanks Fujifilm and Abreeza!

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June 29, 2016

Grind with Supra supported the annual Go Skateboarding celebration in Davao last June 21 which gathered more than 200 pro-skaters in the city. Organized by Joey Betita of Endless Skate, the event was hosted to create an avenue of all Davao skaters --- young, not-so-young, students, yuppies, male, and female --- to reunite for the love of this action sport. He said he feels it his obligation as one of the pioneering skaters in Davao to create this avenue for the younger ones to gather and show off their skills and bravado for this challenging action sport.

The event commenced in Freedom park as the skaters cruised thru the busy streets of Acacia and Uyanguren wheeling side-to-side with the jeepneys and private vehicles. They ended at Magsaysay park where the skaters competed for the Best Ledge, Best Ramp, and Best High Jump categories. Aside from the bragging rights, the winners took home Supra shoes and signature Grind caps and shirts as prizes.

"As a spectator and being a mother, I cringe every time the competitors would crash in various forms but to my awe, they just brush off the dust and the pain and do the stunt again…. And again… and again… until they do it perfectly. From an outsider, they might be seen as a nuisance in the streets but the Go Skateboarding day collaboration gave me a glimpse into their world of adrenaline, speed, bruises, and pain. It’s all about them, coming from all walks of life, rolling-out to enjoy the exhilarating experience of being on the board and the camaraderie of fun-loving, care-free friends.", shared by Ms. Mae Sanchez, Cluster Operations Head of Primer Group of Companies in Davao.

Go Skateboarding Day is an annual event which is celebrated all over the world in key cities celebrated every 21 st of June. Grind shop is named after the skate trick “grinding” the board against the ledge.

Location: 2nd Floor, Abreeza Ayala Mall, Davao City

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From the PR of Primer Group of Companies

June 22, 2016

A new player in the Audio and Lifestyle industry just debuted last May 28 in Abreeza Ayala Mall. I am happy to be part of their grand opening at the 2nd Floor beside Robinson's Appliance Center. They opened their first store in Metro Manila last April 23, 2016 and now they launched their new concept store in one of the biggest malls in Davao.

The store features products under the slogan Lifestyle - Music - Technology. Serving as an experience hub for premium audio and lifestyle.

A. Refinery (Audio Refinery) creates a completely immersive movie and music experience and interesting products for almost any profile. "This is perfect for movie buffs, vinyl and turntable collectors, sports fanatics, and anyone who loves to listen to music.", as per A. Refinery sales team.

They have great quality of products such as headsets, speakers, home theater, and accessories. This will also be the home of iconic brands such as Beyerdynamic, Chord Electronics Ltd. Q Acoustics, and JBL. They also have products from Booq Cases, Lineaflux Hyperchargers, and the newest innovation - Home Automation by Control 4.

At present, A. Refinery has 3 concept stores in the Philippines, A. Refinery UP Town Center Katipunan, Quezon City, A. Refinery Ayala Center Cebu, and A. Refinery Abreeza Mall Davao.

A. Refinery is a unique lifestyle destination. Discover music and movies in a different light and be amazed with the quality of their products.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/ARefineryPH
Location: 2nd Floor, Abreeza Ayala Mall (Robinson's Appliance Center)
Store Hours: Mall Hours (Monday - Sunday)

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Photo credit to A. Refinery Facebook Page

June 16, 2016

Chevron Philippines Inc. (CPI), marketer of Caltex fuels and lubricants, today announces that it will make a significant investment in Davao City’s workforce of tomorrow or today’s students from public senior high schools. CPI also encouraged other businesses to do so all over the country.
This was revealed by CPI Country Chairman Peter Morris during the launch of Caltex Fuel Your School (FYS) in a Caltex station in Brgy. Bajada, Davao City.  “From June 1 to June 30, 2016, for every 1-liter purchase of Caltex with Techron or sale of Delo Sports diesel engine oil at participating Caltex stations in Davao City, we will donate one peso (P1) to support qualified classroom projects in STEM subjects,” announced Morris.
CPI is allocating P3 million for the purchase of better classroom facilities and advanced learning materials for students in Davao City’s highest-need senior public highs schools taking the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) track of the K-12 education. The fuel-to-donate campaign is well timed, given the entry this year of the country’s first Grade 11 public school students.
The multi-awarded Caltex FYS PH is launched in partnership with the Department of Education (DepEd) and  the American Chamber Foundation Philippines (ACFP) with the support of  American Chambers of the Philippines-Mindanao Chapter. The partners hope to boost to improve learning by equipping less privileged public senior high schools with quality learning materials.
The DepEd Region XI office has selected the highest-need public senior high schools in the city to participate in the campaign. ACFP will screen the proposed projects based on a set of criteria (to know more about the criteria, visit Caltex Facebook page), with the resulting shortlisted schools’ projects to be posted on the Caltex FYS Facebook page for voting. Each qualified entry can receive up to a maximum of P100,000 worth of classroom materials, wherein projects with the most number of votes get funded first. ACFP will use the P3 million grant to procure equipment for the qualified STEM classroom projects.
Caltex Fuel Your School’s vision is not just to modernize education in the Philippines, but also to empower the teachers and equip the students with high quality and advanced learning, making them career-ready as they step out of school. By involving different partners such as educators, Caltex retailers and lubricant accounts as well as  Davao motorists, Caltex Fuel Your School models the idea of ‘it takes a village to raise a child,” stated Morris.
We are issuing a call-to-action to other businesses to join Chevron in supporting project-based learning methods to increase engagement in STEM and promote engineering design thinking in classrooms. We must increase student engagement in STEM subjects. This is not a small challenge, and the business community has to do its part. If we want to truly make a difference, we must all work together to provide educators with resources to interest students and prepare them for STEM related careers,” said Atty. Raissa Bautista, CPI Manager for Policy, Gov’t and Public Affairs.
AmCham Philippines-Mindanao Chapter is grateful for the partnership with Chevron in helping uplift Philippine education. Ed Feist, ACFP President, believes that “education is what the country needs to further propel its progress, and modernizing the education system is a significant step towards achieving it.”
DepEd XI Regional Director Alberto Escobarte sees Caltex Fuel Your School initiative as a welcome development to the continuous upliftment of education in Davao City. “This will surely help fuel up the learning process in Davao City as it maintains its title as the education hub in Mindanao,” Escobarte said.
We are thankful and happy that Caltex retailers here in Davao City are given the opportunity to work as one. This initiative is our way of giving back to Davao City schools particularly at this time when senior high school will be implemented for the first time and public schools need all the help they could get to successfully teach STEM,” said Allan Orillan, a Caltex retailer in the city.
Morris assures that Caltex FYS is set to fuel up STEM learning in more schools in the country every year. CPI is committed to contribute to the development of education in the country through its long-term Energy for Learning initiative under which more and more programs are being created to provide learning and livelihood skills to disadvantaged people. 

About Chevron Philippines Inc.
Chevron Philippines Inc. has been operating in the country for more than 90 years. Caltex™, its retail brand, offers high quality products and services. There are close to 700 service stations strategically scattered throughout the Philippine archipelago and employees working in several areas of business such as Marketing, Lubricants and Terminal operations. The Chevron products that are available in the Philippines include Caltex with Techron® fuel and Caltex Diesel with Techron®D, Havoline® and Delo® oils. More information on Chevron Philippines Inc. is available at www.caltex.com/ph.

From the PR of Caltex and Ardent Communications

June 9, 2016

DAVAO will be in the limelight again as Davao owned and operated Southern Maligaya taxi and its partner corporations under the R.A. Hao Group of companies is set to launch a new taxi booking app - Taxilink.

"This app was created to make your taxi ride more secure and convenient", as per Southern Maligaya Taxi Inc. and R.A. Hao Group CEO Mr. Martin Angelo Hao. "Maligaya Taxi is one of the first and leading taxi operators in Davao and we're still committed to being the pioneers. Taxilink is just another example of how we are constantly evolving."

Taxilink will give users exclusive access to Maligaya Taxi and its whole fleet including Orange Cab, Master Cab, Apple Cab, Pacific Cab, Bell Cab, Premier Cab, Visa Cab, SMTI, Mister Cab, and Misis Cab. Their service will not only cover Davao City alone but the whole Davao Region. You can book a cab from Davao to Tagum City!

Mr. Hao said that they are giving more options for the taxi drivers to get more passengers rather than competing with existing taxi apps. The biggest advantage of the group is that they have the full control since they own both the app and the taxi units. They also partnered with MyPhone and Globe as their phone and internet service provider.

Same goes with the other taxi booking apps, the passengers can communicate with the drivers thru the app. They also plan to bring more value to the passengers by providing a special duo which can offer free rides on Mister Cab and the new Misis Cab.

The app is due to be released in July and will be available on Google Play and App Store for FREE and with NO BOOKING FEE.

Check out the app now at www.taxilink.com.ph


R.A. Hao Group of Companies

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People Footwear™, the leader in “high-performance leisure” footwear is excited to announce the addition of three new products, including two sandals, to its 2016 Spring/Summer (SS16) collection.

For SS16, three new silhouettes will be available: The Yoko, The Lennon Chiller, and The Rio.

The Yoko is a mash-up between old and new, combining the traditional square-toe Japanese sandal with a classic beach flip-flop. With rounded edges and a contoured footbed, this modern adaptation balances personality with wear-ability. “We wanted to create a simplistic sandal that had a unique perspective” states Damian Van Zyll De Jong, People co-founder, and CEO. “I looked at the square toe of traditional Japanese sandals and thought there was something really fresh there.”

The Lennon Chiller, a slide sandal with an adjustable full-length strap, is the ultimate companion for living the “high-performance leisure” lifestyle. Inspired by the comfort-driven and customizable straps of backpacks, The Lennon Chiller is built for casual adventures.

The Rio, a waterproof slip-on, is molded entirely out of People’s Skylite TM EVA foam providing the function of a water shoe with the style and wear-ability of a huarache.

People Footwear™ has expanded into the kids market with their “Little People” collection; a children footwear line featuring the same iconic Phillips, Stanley, and Senna silhouettes. New for kids, The Cypress received the mini-me treatment and will be available this SS16. With fixed elastic laces and a puffy upper, they can be slipped on with ease and feel like clouds on the feet. Offered in classic solid colors and a floral and Japanese shibori print, the little ones have never looked so stylish and comfortable.


People is available at Res|Toe|Run and Bratpack. The brand is exclusively distributed in the Philippines by the Primer Group of Companies – Asia’s next retail giant.

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From the PR of Primer Group of Companies

June 7, 2016

I watched X-MEN: Apocalypse 2 weeks ago and I really loved it. Though I hate my seat inside the cinema that time but I still enjoyed watching it and I must say, that was the best X-MEN movie I've seen so far. Just so you know that this blog is NOT A SPOILER so sit back and continue reading. Hahaha!

X-Men: Apocalypse is the 9th installment of the X-Men movie series, and unfortunately, the last of the trilogy of X-Men: First Class, and X:Men: Days of the Future Past. In Apocalypse, the X-Men are going up against the first mutant, Apocalypse, who awakens to take over the world with his Four Horsemen.

While X-Men: Apocalypse is earning mixed reviews, I think X-Men is one of the most underrated superhero sagas that deserves more lovin’. Here’s why:

X-Men might be why more adults are into superheroes movies today
For decades, the superhero comics that were first being printed were “childish” and not anything adults could relate to. It was only when comic book writers, Stan Lee and Jack Kirby were conceptualizing X-Men as the first concept to have superheroes genetically born with powers versus external factors (e.g. Spiderman getting bitten by a radioactive spider) that pushed them to think it was time to capture a new audience with it, adults, and near-adults.

X-Men humanized superheroes, revolutionizing the way we know them today
Before 1975, superhero comics were famous because of their powers, the villains, and the fights that ensued, but by X-Men Issue 93 in May 1975, X-Men was rewritten especially to look beyond the powers of superheroes and focus more on the individuals themselves, their ideas, their desires, and what it was who made them who they were. This ultimately reshaped what would be the core future of X-Men today, and gave birth to the idea that every villain has a backstory.

X-Men movies spearheaded the current age of the Superhero craze
According to Vox Media, the current age of superhero movies actually began in 2000, at the start of the millennium, with Bryan Singer’s X-Men. X-Men set in motion a new wave of superhero films— from Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man series to Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy to Marvel's ever-expanding catalog of Avengers and Avengers-adjacent blockbusters. Following X-Men: The Apocalypse is a crazy solid lineup of the most epic (our choice of words can’t even express how excited we are) Marvel and DC movies up until 2020. Just this year for the Marvel Universe, we have the Suicide Squad in August, Gambit in October 2016, Doctor Strange, the powerful Sorcerer Supreme in November, the third Wolverine film in March 2017, and the hotly anticipated sequel of Guardians of the Galaxy in May 2017.

You DON’T want to miss out on this: The 2010s is the peak of Superheroes
Everyone used to say superhero movies couldn’t dominate the box office yet here we are, movie after movie blowing our minds away. Up to the year 2020, it will be the epitome of superhero stardom as advancements in technology, from motion-capture, IMAX cameras, and CGI has been helping filmmakers pull off the effects required of the characters.

We repeat this is one HUGE wave you don’t want to miss. After 30 more comic book movies planned through 2020, critics like Steven Spielberg are predicting it to die down. This why you need to join the superhero conversation, while it’s at it’s prime.

It’s not too late to ride the Superhero wave! If you’re new to Marvel, we’ll help you prep for the next wave of movies with a list of essential and must-watch movies (listed below)! Some of the titles are available on Netflix. This will help you appreciate and enjoy the upcoming films even more, and give you the confidence to say you know your superhero stuff.


Pre-X- Men Apocalypse:

X-Men Origins: Wolverine
X-Men: First Class
X-Men: The Last Stand
The Wolverine
X-Men: Days of Future Past


Marvel's The Avengers (2012)
Iron Man 3 (2013)
Thor: The Dark World (2013)
Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014)
Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)
Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015)
Ant-Man (2015)
Captain America: Civil War (2016)

Skip the long lines, reserve your ticket online using PayMaya

You can still watch X-men: Apocalypse now and reserve your tickets online on SM Cinemas and Sureseats for Ayala Cinemas for a hassle-free movie experience. After this reel, prepare for the flood of Marvel movies coming soon (listed below). If you’re too busy to buy tickets at the mall or you’re worried you won’t get to score tickets once you get to the front of the ticket line, you can also make early ticket reservation online for some of these upcoming movies:

The marvelous movies you need to watch out for:

Doctor Strange (2016)
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (2017)
Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017)
Thor: Ragnarok (2017)
Black Panther (2018)
Avengers: Infinity War – Part 1 (2018)
Ant-Man and the Wasp (2018)
Captain Marvel (2019)
Avengers: Infinity War – Part 2 (2019)

Using Netflix and reserving movie tickets online require a credit card. If you don’t have one or if you don’t want your card details exposed online, you can use PayMaya, a free app that lets you pay online without a credit card. (Note: Netflix, Google Play Store, and App Store will send you authorization fees. Authorization requests are requests sent by the app to the financial institution (PayMaya), to verify that your payment method works. Authorization/approval fees are usually $1-2 and are refunded back to you after a certain period depending on the app’s terms and conditions.)

All you have to do is download the app, register with your mobile number, and load up your account at PayMaya’s load-up partners so you can start shopping online. You can load-up through BDO Online Banking or at any of the over 15,000 PayMaya reloading stations nationwide that include SM Malls Business Centers, Robinsons Malls Business Centers, Bayad Centers, 7-Eleven stores with Cliqq kiosks, TouchPay Kiosks, and Smart Padala Centers.

PayMaya also has a physical card version which you can buy at PayMaya’s online shop, free of delivery. You can use this card to pay at any Visa-accepting brick-and- mortar store.

For more details, visit www.paymaya.com.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/PayMayaOfficial
Twitter: www.twitter.com/paymayaofficial
Instagram: www.instagram.com/paymaya_official

Photo credit: http://www.staywallpaper.com/2016/05/16/apocalypse-x-men-movie-wallpaper-sty23/

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The Philippines is known for its gorgeous beaches and countless malls. So we need a footwear that is light and comfortable, something we can slip into and last us all day and all night. When it comes to sandals, nothing comes close to Freewaters’ Tall Boy sandal.

Freewaters, a progressive footwear brand founded on the surf waters of Malibu by like-minded individuals who wanted to use business as a social platform to do good, has created one of the most comfortable slippers that people have been raving about—the Tall Boy.

Imagine the comfort and protection you get from a running shoe. Now translate that into the lightweight structure of a sandal.

These are the 5 things you will get with the Tall Boy sandals
  1. It has a high rise midsole that gives you extra support that will keep your feet more comfortable for a longer period of time.
  2. The thick and bouncy cushion and deep heel cup will give you a full arch support and cradles your foot without that "mushy" kind of feeling.
  3. The Flex Groove Outsole of this sandal provides a natural, soft flex that moves with you, all the while protecting your feet with a strong grip so you don’t have to worry about slipping up.
  4. The hydro leather strap and water friendly material used to make the Tall Boy will get you packing up this insanely comfortable pair of sandals to take with you on all your beach travel and adventures.
  5. A purchase of the Tall Boy sandal is more than just you getting a pair of awesome footwear, it is also a step towards providing a community with clean, drinking water. Freewaters is committed to its cause of getting to impoverished and hard to reach places and giving them access to clean water.
Every 1% of the sale of every footwear goes to fund Freewaters’ clean water projects in Kenya, Haiti, California, and now the Philippines.

There is nothing in the market like the Tall Boy sandal. Extremely comfortable, shockingly lightweight, and made to last, Freewaters delivers the goods with the Tall Boy sandal.

You can purchase Tall Boy at any of the Freewaters kiosks in Trinoma, as well as ResToeRun, Grind, and ROX BHS.

Follow them on Facebook and Instagram for updates on your favorite sandals and footwear.
Facebook: www.facebook.com/freewatersphilippines
Instagram: www.instagram.com/freewaters_ph

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