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Jun 9, 2016

DAVAO will be in the limelight again as Davao owned and operated Southern Maligaya taxi and its partner corporations under the R.A. Hao Group of companies is set to launch a new taxi booking app - Taxilink.

"This app was created to make your taxi ride more secure and convenient", as per Southern Maligaya Taxi Inc. and R.A. Hao Group CEO Mr. Martin Angelo Hao. "Maligaya Taxi is one of the first and leading taxi operators in Davao and we're still committed to being the pioneers. Taxilink is just another example of how we are constantly evolving."

Taxilink will give users exclusive access to Maligaya Taxi and its whole fleet including Orange Cab, Master Cab, Apple Cab, Pacific Cab, Bell Cab, Premier Cab, Visa Cab, SMTI, Mister Cab, and Misis Cab. Their service will not only cover Davao City alone but the whole Davao Region. You can book a cab from Davao to Tagum City!

Mr. Hao said that they are giving more options for the taxi drivers to get more passengers rather than competing with existing taxi apps. The biggest advantage of the group is that they have the full control since they own both the app and the taxi units. They also partnered with MyPhone and Globe as their phone and internet service provider.

Same goes with the other taxi booking apps, the passengers can communicate with the drivers thru the app. They also plan to bring more value to the passengers by providing a special duo which can offer free rides on Mister Cab and the new Misis Cab.

The app is due to be released in July and will be available on Google Play and App Store for FREE and with NO BOOKING FEE.

Check out the app now at


R.A. Hao Group of Companies

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Dec 5, 2014

It was all in my news feed for quite some time and I got really curious about it. I installed GrabTaxi a few months back when it was not a news maker yet. I was hesitant to use it and I thought it’s kinda hassle. (Ininstall ang app, di naman gagamitin. Parang tanga lang. LOL!)

When I saw it on Facebook and it all got hyped up all of a sudden, I thought maybe I should try it too. They had a promo that when you book a taxi using the app, you’ll pay the metered fare less P100. So everybody went gaga over it! Pero ako? Nahhh… next time. Hahaha! So the promo ended I-don’t-know-when. Then here comes the P50 Less your metered fare promo. So I decided, OK fine. Let’s try it. Honestly speaking, once you tried it, you can’t stop! Hahaha!

GrabTaxi is the first e-hailing company in the Philippines. It started in Malaysia as MyTeksi. This is very useful to all passengers especially now that we experience heavy rains and traffic. This is also very efficient to all taxi drivers and operators. No need to look around for passengers.

How to use GrabTaxi

1. Download the app and register. It will ask for your name and mobile number. Pick a starting point and your destination then tap next.

2. Type in some notes if you want to help the driver recognize you. Then type the promo code if there’s any. Then tap Confirm Booking.

3. GrabTaxi will now contact the drivers nearby. They each have a smartphone and will ping them each time there are bookings nearby.

4. If they don’t have passengers, they will accept your booking and will go straight to your location.

5. The good thing about this is you will know the name of your taxi driver, his taxi number, and how minutes will he arrive at your location. You can also contact the driver thru text or call in case he missed you.

6. Once he arrived, he will ask your name to confirm your booking. Then off you go!

7. Once you arrived at your location, you can tap End Trip and tap I have arrived.

8. They will also ask for a rating of your ride. I always tap 6 stars! :)

I’ve been using GrabTaxi for a week now and it’s been very helpful for me.


1. It will take time to look for a driver when booking. One time, it took me almost 10 minutes to finally get a driver. Maybe because there are a lot of bookings around the area or it’s just a busy day. So if you are really in a hurry, this will not be helpful. So try to book ahead of time.

2. Put the right location. I cancelled a booking because I gave the wrong address.

3. The drivers are very courteous. Try to smile and greet them too! :)

The P50 Less Promo is up until December 21. Use the promo code “PASKO” when booking. If the promo ends, they will charge P70 on top of your fare. So you have the whole week to book your rides!

But since I feel so generous today, I want you to download the app now and use this REFERRAL CODE and enjoy FREE BOOKING FEE off your FIRST THREE RIDES! I hope it helps!