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Jun 9, 2016

DAVAO will be in the limelight again as Davao owned and operated Southern Maligaya taxi and its partner corporations under the R.A. Hao Group of companies is set to launch a new taxi booking app - Taxilink.

"This app was created to make your taxi ride more secure and convenient", as per Southern Maligaya Taxi Inc. and R.A. Hao Group CEO Mr. Martin Angelo Hao. "Maligaya Taxi is one of the first and leading taxi operators in Davao and we're still committed to being the pioneers. Taxilink is just another example of how we are constantly evolving."

Taxilink will give users exclusive access to Maligaya Taxi and its whole fleet including Orange Cab, Master Cab, Apple Cab, Pacific Cab, Bell Cab, Premier Cab, Visa Cab, SMTI, Mister Cab, and Misis Cab. Their service will not only cover Davao City alone but the whole Davao Region. You can book a cab from Davao to Tagum City!

Mr. Hao said that they are giving more options for the taxi drivers to get more passengers rather than competing with existing taxi apps. The biggest advantage of the group is that they have the full control since they own both the app and the taxi units. They also partnered with MyPhone and Globe as their phone and internet service provider.

Same goes with the other taxi booking apps, the passengers can communicate with the drivers thru the app. They also plan to bring more value to the passengers by providing a special duo which can offer free rides on Mister Cab and the new Misis Cab.

The app is due to be released in July and will be available on Google Play and App Store for FREE and with NO BOOKING FEE.

Check out the app now at


R.A. Hao Group of Companies

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