Sep 26, 2014


I love the lights. I love the streets.
I used my iPhone 4S in taking this photo with the “Slow Shutter” App.

It has 3 different types of shots. You can choose motion blur, low light, and light trail. In this shot, I used Light Trail. I tried to adjust the light sensitivity and capture duration to get that almost perfect shot. Unfortunately, I don’t have a tripod so it took me some time to get a clear shot. I tried standing up, sitting down, bending, and even STOPPED BREATHING! I also found wires from the billboards at the overpass to somehow bend it and form it like a tripod. Hahaha!

It’s a good thing that there’s no street vendor or “mysterious” people around the area but still I was very cautious at that time.

Well, all I need to do is to get a good tripod and try again! You also have to consider the weather and of course, the location. More practice for me!

Go to the Apple Store now and install the “Slow Shutter” app!

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