Oct 27, 2014

My office mates invited me and really pushed me to join them to eat dinner in Cafe Marco @ the Marco Polo Hotel. I was really hesitant since I know it’s P990 per person! I have never eaten an almost a thousand peso buffet noh! Jusko! Anong meron don? Bakit ang mahal? Nahihilo na nga ako sa Viking’s dahil sa dami ng pagkain at sa presyo nitong P800+ per person!

Well since it was pay day, and I really want to blog about it! (Ambait ko lang kasi iniisip ko pa rin kayong mga readers ko. Charot! As if andami kong readers. LOL!) I have decided to join and eat dinner with them. And by the way, it’s my first time to go to Marco Polo. Hihihi!

Of course someone has to make reservations! Thanks to Joni for doing that. (Read my blog about Buffets here para malaman niyo. Hihihi)

We arrived famished after a hard days work. (Charot!) These funny looking staff assisted us to our table near the window or garden something and I realized the place is really nice. “Funny looking” kasi theme nila OctoberFest tapos naka-Irish costume ang lahat ng waiters and waitresses.

We checked all of the food. Here are some snap shots from my phone.

The Main Course Section

Sushi Counter! Yummy!

Drool worthy desserts!

Looks like Minnie Mouse right?! It’s actually a Chocolate Mousse! Pagbasa niyo MOUSE noh? Hahaha! Lakas ko lang mang-trip! Hehehe.

One of the yummiest desserts!

I also tried their soft ice cream. I grabbed a small bowl kasi umapaw ang ice cream sa cone! Ito ang result kung hindi ka marunong gumamit ng ice cream machine. Hahaha! At para di mapahiya, nilagyan ko na lang ng kung anong ek-ek para may design kuno. Hahaha!

I also tried their chocolate fondue. There’s mango cubes, small round pastries, and sliced papaya. I still don’t get it why there’s fruits. I thought marshmallows and pastries lang ang pwede sa fondue.Pero keri! Kumuha na lang ako. Hahaha!

Ito ang reaction ko nung nalaman kong P990 ang babayaran ko. Chos lang! Hahaha!

Here are my office mates

Photo credits to Ayying Macadangdang

Here’s my verdict.

A dinner buffet worth P990 is too pricey for me. Even if it’s inside a hotel or they have bigtime chefs, the food they serve is not worth the price. I’ve been to a lot of buffet restaurants that’s why I can tell if it’s affordable or not. They serve good food, but not that many. The good thing about Cafe Marco is they serve different kinds of food everyday. The food they serve is based on their current theme. Like the “OctoberFest” theme wherein they serve free beers to everyone. The place is not crowded so this is good for intimate dates. Staff needs to be more accommodating. We need to call them from far away. It seems everyone is hiding! We actually made a mistake in eating raw prawns because there were no staff at the counter. Pahabol! The dessert counter is to die for. Hahaha!

RATING: 7 SPOONS out of 10

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Location: C.M. Recto Street, Davao City
Phone: (082) 221 0888
Email: davao@marcopolohotels.com
Website: www.marcopolohotels.com

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