Oct 19, 2014

Last 2011, I got really curious about this place. Nadadaanan ko kasi siya going to work. It has a different and cool ambience so it really caught my interest. So when it opened in May of the same year at Torres St., me and my twitter friends visited Green Coffee and boy, I was really surprised! 

I can still remember that I used to go there like everyday with my friends after dinner to end the night with a sip of their freeziccinos. Then, it became very popular and they received a lot of costumers until now. 

One of the main reasons why I love this place is because it has good interiors. It’s like you’re in an indoor garden. And guess what, they also have an air-conditioned garden! Say whuuuut???  :)

After a lot of visits, this would be the first AND NOT THE LAST review I’ll give to Green Coffee. Here’s what I ordered 2 weeks ago at their newest branch in Bajada.

Mango Freezziccino (P150)

Caramel Cinnamon Roll 

InfairnessNaubos ko talaga ang Cinnamon Roll. Because it really tastes good. It’s not really “cinnamony“ if that’s the term. Hahaha! And the nuts add crunch to it. The Mango Freeziccino was light and tastes fresh too!

My recent visit was last night after attending a friend’s birthday party. I went to their Torres branch with some friends and I ordered this.

Green Tea Fine Salt and Cheese (P170)

This is just HEAVEN! Para siyang ice cream! Hahaha! Still can’t get over it. It has cheese on top of a milk tea and you drink it without a straw! So expect that you’ll have a cheese moustache when you drink it. :)

Drinking coffee, milk tea, or green tea or whatever you like can never be this HEAVENly. Yeah I know, I’m still overwhelmed with the Green Tea FSC. Haha! Sorry powwww. 

Well, I will definitely come back if I have the time and money, of course! LOL! And I’ve been recommending this to my friends from Manila or Cebu or to anyone who wants a coffee fix.

For me, it’s a bit pricey compared to other coffee shops but it’s actually worth it. They serve pastries and pastas too which is good. But I heard pasta is not fit for coffee? Is it true? Anyway, their staff is so nice and accommodating. Some of their staff who were transferred from Torres St. to their SM Lanang branch still recognizes me! ISN’T IT AMAZING? The Torres branch gets too crowded minsan pag weekends, so you might wanna visit other branches too.

But overall, Green Coffee is still at the top of my list.
Why don’t you give them a visit today to find out what I’m saying.

RATING: 8 CUPS out of 10

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