Dec 18, 2014

Tori Grill in Davao

Me and my friend Benj have been eating different kinds of barbeque for a couple of days now. I really don’t know why but he really loves eating grilled stuff nowadays. Then I was craving for a Japanese delicacy lately. Anyare sa mga appetite namin ngayon?! LOL!
There’s this new restaurant in Quirino Avenue and I’ve been wanting to try and eat there. When Benj and I met last night, we decided to try Tori Grill. It’s a new grill restaurant that serves barbeque in Japanese style!

The ambience is nice. It has striking red walls and black sofas to make it look like Japanese. Then to make it kinda pinoy, they use wooden chairs and tables.

Check out their Menu

We ordered Meal 2 and Meal 4. You can add P30 for an additional Miso soup, salad, and your rice will be UNLIMITED. Of course, go na for UNLIRICE!

I really love their barbeques! They have different kinds and tastes! I’m really not familiar with each name, but you can check it on the menu. Once you had a bite, you really want to eat more.

However, I got disappointed in their serving size. It’s presentable yet it’s so small. It’s like you are eating a P25-P50 value meal. And worst, while we were halfway finished with our food and asked for another bowl of rice (kasi nga diba unli-rice?) they told us that they are still cooking new rice and we have to wait 3-4 minutes! Since we love their food, we waited. 5 minutes later, their staff went out to buy rice in the nearby restaurant! WATDA! LOL! Hope it will not happen next time.


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Location: Quirino Avenue corner Gen. Luna Street, Davao City
Phone: (082) 300 8674
Operating Hours: Monday - Thursday 10AM - 10PM
                            Friday - Sunday 10AM - 12MN

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