Mar 26, 2015


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Last February 15, Sunday, Coca-Cola revealed the secret to enjoy an even better tasting Coke, as if tasting it for the very first time! Chilling the Coca-Cola bottle up to 3 degrees Celsius is the #PerfectCoke. It brings out that great refreshing taste of Coke.

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This was launched simultaneously across the country - Manila, Cebu, and Davao with performances from Julia Montes, Jerome Ponce, and other ABS-CBN artists. It was hosted by MYX VJ Chino Lui Pio at Abreeza Ayala Mall.

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There are gigantic coolers at the event too! This was set up filled with ice and Coca-Cola bottles with giant thermometers showing the current temperature which started at 10 degrees Celsius.

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With my fellow bloggers feeling and LOOKING refreshed!

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With MYX VJ Chino! Mga Chinito!

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For more info about the #PerfectCoke campaign, visit their Facebook page.

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