Apr 1, 2015

Neon Utopia 2015

photo IMG_2585-1_zpsm3exjgqo.jpg
Neon Utopia - the biggest and most colorful party happened in Davao City last March 14 @ the concert grounds of Davao Crocodile Park. It was filled with a lot of people with the same goal - to get wasted and painted while dancing to the freshest EDM tracks from local and international DJ’s. This was the biggest paint festival in the country with paint canons that can launch paint up to 20 meters! Literally, it was a BLAST!

photo IMG_2483-1_zps0z4foe6t.jpgphoto IMG_2484-1_zpsrk5r1urm.jpgphoto IMG_2485-1_zps7q4ue70w.jpgphoto IMG_2487-1_zpsejta71qo.jpgphoto IMG_2488-1_zpshe8zlj08.jpgphoto IMG_2600-1_zps4a2jizhc.jpgphoto IMG_2596-1_zpseqx428hy.jpgphoto IMG_2594-1_zpssczbwnwy.jpg
This event was brought to us by Super Awesome Productions and Manic Nightnings Productions.

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