Apr 11, 2015

My Instax Mini 8

photo F7FDBCB9-4367-4CE6-BCA1-60556B109681_zps2hy2yaeh.jpg

I’ve been eyeing for this camera for a long long time now and when I saw a post on Facebook about a sale on Takatack.com, I immediately purchased this one without any doubt! I bought the Instax Mini 8 for P2,300 from it’s original price of P3,800-4,000. Isn’t it amazing?!

photo FEEF6BC3-FF4A-41AC-BDF1-C15D16080784_zpsdnrqipob.jpg

For those who wants to own one, go to Takatack.com for more details. And if you already have one and don’t know how to use it, like me, here’s a quick tutorial for you!

Put the batteries first on the side of the camera.

photo 1A256D78-CAF4-40CC-9E89-60E12E21BFA3_zpsa77ibw3a.jpg

Get your film and open the box. Tear the plastic foil and take the black box. DO NOT OPEN THE BLACK BOX. It will expose the films inside.

photo C45E8614-4C79-4A0B-89FB-BDBF9CECE2CE_zpstifj7j1l.jpg

Open the back cover of the camera and put the black box inside. A yellow mark will serve as your guide so you can insert it properly.

photo 65B8E516-2FE8-423F-845E-A4F7EFB87CC4_zpscwlqr3qf.jpgphoto 43E5B50C-EBF6-458C-B1BC-96658E43821F_zpsihdsmfgq.jpg

Turn on the camera by pressing here.

photo F06D4496-EA89-4BB5-BFDD-45AFDD14EEFC_zpszsxvp8ex.jpg

Before you can take your first shot, press the shutter button first to remove the cover of the film.

photo BB7BE8D4-F0B4-40D4-9A1F-9BC48E18C076_zpszzwrvm8r.jpg

Instax Mini will determine the brightness for taking pictures. So twist the brightness adjustment dial to the position of the lit lamp.

photo 0788C208-4F6B-4AA7-9A9E-645613619258_zpsyrertpdg.jpg

So there you go! I really enjoyed using the Instax Mini and I want to take more photos using this. It’s been a long time that we can print photos from our cameras and we tend to forget the coolness of having a hard copy of our photos. Here are the photos taken from our recent family summer getaway. Some photos are too dark and too bright. These are some test shots since this was my first time to use this kind of camera. :)

photo B01C0DD3-0780-4615-A809-BAF50C6A188A_zpsyyopuvv8.jpgphoto 91626CDB-1E03-4F73-BC91-B26B72A97A90_zpsykcbcyqt.jpg

Follow Fujifilm Instax Philippines for more info here.
I hope you enjoyed reading my post! Maraming Salamat! :)

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