Jul 22, 2015


photo cebuootd3_zpsxu67zid2.jpg
This was one of my favorite polos I got from Forever 21 when we went to Cebu in Thanksgiving last year. This was my second OOTD in our 4-day Cebu escapade with my friends. You can check my first OOTD here entitled, “Being Green”. Both polo shirts were on sale so I bought them without any hesitation. Wow! Yaman! Haha!

I really like the color and the details of this polo. Well, the fact that I like blue and I was into floral designs at that time. Since the top is full of designs and colors, I matched it with a plain black sweatshorts. I like it because it’s really comfortable to wear and you can match it with different shirts or polos. This super comfy shorts is still from Forever 21. Actually, it was raining outside when we shot this at a park near our hotel. It was November 30 because I can still remember there were a lot of military officials around the area in celebration of Bonifacio Day. I know it’s a bit too late to post this, but I think I look good in this picture. Do you agree? Haha! :)

photo cebuootd2_zpsq0um44dz.jpg
photo cebuootd01_zpsou11v18r.jpg
photo cebuootd5_zpsplcrejtc.jpg

What I’m wearing: Sunnies (Sunnies Studios), Floral Polo (Forever 21), Walk Shorts (Forever 21), Watch (Timex), Sneakers (Nike)

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