Jul 17, 2015

Color Run Manila

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Getting fit is not my thing. Really. Trust me. You can definitely tell when you see me. But, fun runs are cool. It’s like jogging but with a twist. Everyone is wearing the same top. You run the same route at the same time. You can run with your friends or family. You get to win cool prizes. And well, there’s usually a free egg and a banana. I can share more cool stuff about fun runs, but it’s better experienced than read about.

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I joined the COLOR MANILA RUN at the Davao Crocodile Park Grounds last May 24 and whew, it was not a typical fun run! It’s colorful and it’s a first in the city!

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I must say that this was one of the most organized fun runs I’ve joined. I left my Brother Ink drawstring bag with all of my important stuff at the baggage counter without any worries.

photo ColorManilaRun14_zpswoxguy04.jpg
For P650, I got all of these cool stuff.

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Of course, we need to warm up before any fun run. It was too early to flaunt my dancing skills, but I had to do it to avoid injuries while running. So I joined, probably, half of the routine. Hahaha!

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The run started at 5:20 AM for 10K runners, 5:30 AM for the 6K runners, and 6 AM for the 3K runners. I joined the 6K category to show that I’m humble to my friends who can’t run 10K. Just kidding haha!

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BTW, when we started to run, we ran through this area where a huge fire truck was splashing cold water to all the runners! Unfortunately, I have no picture of it because my phone will be soaked in water if I tried. It was fun but come on… wala pa akong ligo noh! Haha!

photo ColorManilaRun13_zpsv6qy0iei.jpg
We ran through 3 color stations. There were some people throwing colored powders at you. Like literally throw it to your face but, it was really fun.

photo ColorManilaRun3_zpszlgeckes.jpg
Finally, I reached the 6K U-Turn somewhere in Ma-a. Haggard na, oh!

photo ColorManilaRun5_zpsaf6kdvjp.jpg
I finished the race after an hour and I got a balloon and a Brother pillow! Yaaay!

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I met my officemates Davey and Ms. Queck after the race. They’re all covered with colored powder, too! We claimed our colored packets for the ceremony so we could all end the race with flying colors. Literally. :)

photo ColorManilaRun7_zpsok5veksp.jpg
The day could not have gotten any better, but it did when the DJ played some party music! Who would’ve thought we would have a rave party so early in the morning?!

photo ColorManilaRun9_zps0gxotnnj.jpg
The countdown began and we throw all the colored powder to the air!

photo ColorManilaRun12_zpslyedbfaa.jpg
The people behind this are crazy! In a good way of course. They totally brought the “fun” in the run. Me and my friends enjoyed this colorful event. Thanks to Brother Ink and Color Manila Run Team for bringing this colorful event here in Davao.

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Color Manila Run
Website: http://www.colormanilarun.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ColorManilaRun

Brother Ink
Website: http://www.brother.com.ph/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BROTHERatyourside
Thanks for dropping by! Have a great day!

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