Jun 14, 2015

DBS Acquaintance Party 2015

photo 11209508_10206861164156413_3327462822299923411_n_zpsobaosc7o.jpg
I attended the Davao Bloggers Society Acquaintance Party last May 16 at the White House Fusion Cuisine and Wine Lounge. It was my first time to attend to an event this big with my fellow Davao bloggers. I was so excited to join the party when they announced it online, that I have to let go of the other big parties outside the city. This is one of the DBS events that I get to meet other bloggers and mingle with them.

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What really amazed me is that we have a lot of sponsors for the party. We had a raffle and I won these prizes! Isn’t it AMAZING?

photo 11295755_10206861174876681_3142058679592720869_n_zpsicv9t94b.jpgphoto 6EBFEA77-844D-4E07-BF79-8046966A61C6_zpssluihw1s.jpg
The White House is the best place to spend the night of fun with the DBS bloggers. It’s very classy and it has good ambience. The food was delicious too! Kudos to our organizers!

photo 8032C97E-F9B3-4E2D-A826-CBF5775774C3_zpsbtrgkbkx.jpg
We also had fun taking pictures from our sponsor, Fujifilm Instax. Everyone had a chance to bring home a photo from the party.

photo F03C25BE-5757-4E19-B770-17229E96E976_zps7mqgogka.jpg
Desserts overload from Lachi’s, Anniepie and Alor’s! These are to die for! Thanks! Plus free Krispy Kreme donuts for everyone! Yay!!!

photo 17111_10206861166356468_1751295843115112344_n_zpsl8ubhoiy.jpgphoto 10996437_10206861164956433_5713373891702106396_n_zpsmos1xv8y.jpgphoto 11138491_10206861166556473_2781271325003940208_n_zpsvwcmtp0z.jpgphoto 11242784_10206861208437520_2306169400867058837_n_zpsucjslubn.jpg
We were divided into 4 tables. In our table, I had Mommy Ann, Olive, Timothy, Claudine, and Julie. We had chitchats and shared fun stories.

photo 11017730_10206861252958633_1681627708199333630_n_zpssrsebvs4.jpg
I also met the newest members of DBS. They are all good looking! I’m the odd one out! LOL!

photo 11258377_10206861241358343_5724266074364008680_n_zpsxs6u4wlf.jpg
The crowd went crazy when we played charades! The room was filled with laughter even our sponsors had fun watching us play.

photo 11011781_10206861203877406_4204858859659563620_n_zpss7sxqbe4.jpgphoto 18014_10206861206357468_3045866237549271106_n_zpsirqrol95.jpgphoto 11229557_10206861205637450_2507143093727507533_n_zpsfoazgnrg.jpgphoto 11062019_10206861207957508_1931039876558569168_n_zps9hutuzvb.jpg
Move over Marvin and Jolina, or LizQuen, or Kathniel… Angel and Anton is the next loveteam of the year! Hahaha! Peace guys!

photo 11236466_10206861211917607_9103465245969577376_n_zpsm7xj37ur.jpg
Our head Mr. Andrew Abella Dela Serna, announced that SMART Communications is now an official partner of Davao Bloggers Society! Ms. Christine Liwag was also happy to announce the partnership.

photo 22217_10206861179636800_1900766626587224826_n_zpsx8nneju0.jpg
It was indeed a memorable event for me. I am so honored to be part of this amazing blogging community. I joined DBS some time in November last year and they accepted me wholeheartedly. I was able to meet new people, do something different and exciting, and learn from them. From travel, lifestyle, and food blogging, this community helped me to become a better blogger. Even if you are a newbie or a professional blogger, you are always welcomed.

photo 11150771_10206861248478521_5685921511232811112_n_zps6hpjddsq.jpg
Cheers to all members of Davao Bloggers Society and thanks to all our sponsors and organizers!

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Most of the photos posted here was taken by the amazing Red Agreda! Add him on Facebook and check out more photos from the event here!

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