Mar 7, 2024

New One UI 6.1 Update Brings Galaxy AI to More Galaxy Devices

In a groundbreaking announcement, Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. has introduced the Galaxy AI 1 features to a wider range of Galaxy devices through the innovative One UI 6.1 update. This strategic move aims to democratize mobile AI, enhancing the user experience across the Galaxy S23 series, S23 FE, Z Fold5, Z Flip5, and Tab S9 series, with the rollout scheduled to commence at the end of March. Building on the success of the Galaxy S24 series 2 launch, this update represents a significant leap forward in mobile AI technology by combining on-device and cloud-based AI capabilities.

“Our goal with Galaxy AI is not only to pioneer a new era of mobile AI, but also to empower users by making AI more accessible,” said TM Roh, President and Head of Mobile eXperience Business at Samsung Electronics. “This is only the beginning of Galaxy AI, as we plan to bring the experience to over 100 million Galaxy users within 2024 and continue to innovate ways to harness the unlimited possibilities of mobile AI.”
One UI 6.1 Update
One UI 6.1 Update

Communication that Transcends Barriers
The expanded availability of Galaxy AI features will empower a larger user base to leverage cutting-edge communication tools on supported devices. Users can now personalize their messaging experience by adjusting message tones and translating messages into 13 different languages using Chat Assist 3. Real-time communication is taken to new heights with Live Translate 4, enabling voice and text translations during phone calls. Additionally, the Interpreter feature facilitates spontaneous conversations by providing text translations in live interactions, making travel experiences more engaging and immersive.

Productivity Unparalleled
The seamless integration of Galaxy AI throughout the Galaxy ecosystem enhances productivity and efficiency for users of AI-supported models. Features like Circle to Search with Google 5 streamline search functions with intuitive results generated through a simple circle-motion gesture. Organizational tools such as Note Assist 6 assist users in creating formats, generating summaries, and translating notes effortlessly. Browsing Assist 7 accelerates information consumption by providing comprehensive article summaries, while Transcript Assist simplifies meeting transcriptions and translations.

Unstoppable Creativity for Your Inner Artist
Samsung's commitment to nurturing users' creative expression is evident in the suite of Galaxy AI tools designed to unleash artistic potential. The latest update introduces features like Generative Edit 8, which enables users to resize, reposition, or realign objects in photos for the perfect shot. Edit Suggestion 9 streamlines photo editing processes, allowing users to enhance images quickly and effortlessly. Instant Slow-mo 10 enhances video creation by generating additional frames for captivating slow-motion footage.

Customization reaches new heights with AI-generated wallpapers that bring users' creative visions to life on supported devices. The possibilities for creativity and personalization are endless, empowering users to express themselves in unique ways through their Galaxy devices.

Samsung's Galaxy AI initiative represents a paradigm shift in mobile technology, offering users unparalleled communication tools, productivity enhancements, and creative opportunities. With a commitment to democratizing mobile AI and empowering users worldwide, Samsung is paving the way for a future where innovation knows no bounds.

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