Jul 20, 2014

Bubble Run For A Cause

A bubble run for a cause! I love to go to these kinds of events. I actually miss running and I get fatter every time. When my friend Jad invited us to join this first ever fun run with foam machines, I never hesitated to join. But andami ko pa ring questions kasi napakamura ng registration fee (P150), tapos you don’t have a free singlet, and the most shocking part is you should “Bring your OWN HYDRATION”. Like, walang available water for runners in the event? When I learned that this is a run for a cause, that you can help send kids to school, I realized, yeah… they don’t need to spend money to produce singlets and other stuff. They will just give the money to charity.

You can choose the distance you want to run for the event. There’s 3K, 5K, and 8K. When they announced the trail, I immediately decided to run 5K. Why? Ang layo na ng 8K! Parang more than 10K na ata ang trail! Pramis! Hahaha!

So we ran under the cold and rainy weather. I had to keep my phone and earphones in my pockets para hindi mabasa. I was literally wet while running.

The good thing was, which I’m very proud to say that I ran 5K nang hindi humihinto sa pagtakbo. After a very long hiatus, I was able to run 5K na hindi masyadong napagod at hindi nag-“FUN WALK”. Hahaha!

When I reached the finish line, andami nang bubbles sa area and the organizers were shouting that we should run inside this big foam! Well, wala na akong nagawa. Since this is a Bubble Run, then GO!!! It was fun actually! :p

I also won a prize from Crocodile Park, which I gave to my parents. Anyway, it was indeed a fun run. And I’m so happy and proud to help the kids go to school. God Bless to all the organizers and sponsors of the event.

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