Aug 26, 2014

Kadayawan Invasion 2014

The city was invaded during the peak of Kadayawan Festival! Thanks to the wonderful minds of Spectrum Lifestyle Experience, we had fun in Kadayawan Invasion! This was one of the biggest and shall I say, the GRANDEST music festival to hit the city so far this year! I just can’t contain my happiness when I joined the team to make this party possible.

Davao was trending in social media for weeks because of this festival and… some unexpected moments that happened before and during the event. But hey! Can we all just party here???

The coolest thing about this party is that, it is more organized and secured. With all the bouncers, police, and accommodating event staff, you can just throw away your worries and dance with your friends all night! There are also wristbands for you to wear and they serve in different purposes. There’s a Fair Park for everyone who wants to cool down a bit and munch on sumptuous food. Freebies were given away from AyosDito to perk up the party! We also bought these cool neon and glow in the dark paints! Thirsty? Not to worry! They also have a lot of liquor stations! But of course, they were not served to minors. You can only buy alcoholic beverages if you have the black El Hombre wristband.

General Admission is at P350 and the VIP is at P2,000. For some, it was a bit pricy but they just don’t know the perks and freebies if you’ll buy VIP Tickets.

Anyway let’s go to the best guys who hyped the party, shall we? There were ACE RAMOS and NIX DAMN P, baby! Plus my favorite hype man MC PAOLO! And didn’t we tell you that there’s JULIO R too?! He’s too cute and he’s the youngest DJ to spin in the event! How cool was that?

Well, check my photos and tell me isn’t the stage stunning and impressive?

Of course, Team #BoryatNation was there too! There’s LanceOscar, and Yumi to party with me! They get perks too for helping me out in advertising this event.

Some guys took off their shirts and I’m glad no gal did the same! Hahaha! Everyone was there to party and enjoyed it with friends and loved ones. That was the main purpose of the event. To give an awesome experience using an awesome kind of music.

I’d like to thank my gals - Kaka BaltonadoBianca Garcia DizonTynne Reyes and to the dudes Janvie TiuPhilip Marco Dizon!


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