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May 17, 2024

Last April 2023, my family and I went to Kapatagan, Digos City for a holiday trip. It was a long weekend, and we decided to travel to this place because of its natural cool weather and scenic mountain views.

One of the resorts we visited was Jardin de Senorita, located at Sitio Bacoco, Brgy. Digos City. We took the Bansalan Route and visited several resorts and landmarks before ending at Jardin de Senorita.
Jardin de Senorita Kapatagan Digos City

We booked our stay there for 1 night, which cost more than P3,000. That was for the colorful dwarf cottages and good for 4 people. The cottages are good for 2, but you can add bedding for about P500 per person.
Jardin de Senorita Kapatagan Digos City
Jardin de Senorita Kapatagan Digos City
When we arrived, we were welcomed by a lot of other visitors. This was expected, as it was a holiday in the Philippines. We were greeted by a beautiful garden of different flowers, breathtaking mountain views, chilly fog, and colorful accommodations.

While waiting for our room to be prepared, we had our merienda at one of their shops that serves food and snacks. I was surprised to see Sukidesu Sushi Store inside the resort because I knew this restaurant only existed in Davao City. We were able to check in around 3 PM and enjoyed the picturesque views of their sculptures, gardens, and decorations.
Jardin de Senorita Kapatagan Digos City
Jardin de Senorita Kapatagan Digos City
Jardin de Senorita Kapatagan Digos City

At night, it was chilly and moist, so we had to order ramen at Sukidesu for dinner to warm our tummies. It was a wonderful and relaxing feeling overall.
Jardin de Senorita Kapatagan Digos City
Jardin de Senorita Kapatagan Digos City
Jardin de Senorita Kapatagan Digos City
Jardin de Senorita Kapatagan Digos City

The next morning, we were greeted by the majestic Mt. Apo. We had the best view of the peak of Mt. Apo, and it felt like we were at the foot of the mountain. And since it was early and no other visitors had arrived just yet, we were able to roam around the resort again and take wonderful pictures and videos.
Jardin de Senorita Kapatagan Digos City
Jardin de Senorita Kapatagan Digos City
Jardin de Senorita Kapatagan Digos City

It was a wonderful stay overall, and we would love to go back with friends or family. Check out their Facebook page here to book your accommodation.


Apr 17, 2024

Welcome to paradise! El Nido, Palawan, is a tropical haven renowned for its crystal-clear waters, limestone cliffs, and stunning beaches. If you're planning your first trip to this slice of heaven on earth, here's an itinerary based on my experience to help you make the most of your time in El Nido.
Best El Nido Palawan Itinerary

Getting to El Nido

To get to El Nido from Davao, you can book a flight through the Cebu Pacific website. Visit, select your departure point, and choose Puerto Princesa as your destination.

Cebu Pacific Air offers daily flights to Puerto Princesa, Palawan, providing convenient access to the stunning island. With frequent seat sales and promotional offers, it's easy to find affordable fares, making it more accessible for travelers to visit Palawan.

Once you arrive in Puerto Princesa, you can take a van or a bus to El Nido. Rates and arrival times are almost the same, but I recommend taking the Cherry Bus. They offer lazy boy seats where you can comfortably sleep during the trip, and they have a comfort room inside, so it's less hassle.
Cherry Bus Palawan
Economy - P420 / Discounted P335
Regular AC - P600 / Discounted P480
Lazyboy w/ CR - P750 / Discounted P600

You can book online at

DAY 1: Arrival in El Nido

Upon arrival, settle into your accommodation and soak in the breathtaking views. We stayed at Rosanna's Pension, located in the "Bayan" or central area, just 20 steps away from the beachfront, where you can see the sunrise.

Location: Hama St., Bgy. Masagana, El Nido, Palawan
Rates: For 4 persons - 2 Nights and 1 day = P6,300 via (2018)

Other options for a more scenic view of the sunset:

Lowest rate is P4,000+ a night. Very comfortable bed and cozy room. Amazing customer service and a sumptuous buffet. You'll get to see a nice view of the islands in El Nido and sunset.
Lime Resort El Nido
Location: Sitio Lugadia, Brgy, Barangay Corong Corong, El Nido

It has the most stunning and wide view of the sunset. With their wonderful infinity pool, you'll have the best time. You may opt for a day tour which only cost P1,500. It comes with light meals and access to the pool bar. With Buy 1 Take 1 cocktails from 5PM to 7PM.
Bayview Resort El Nido
Location: Sitio Marimegmeg, Barangay Corong Corong, El Nido

After watching the sunset, you may have dinner at Ang Nanay by Corinne's KitchenetteThey serve Filipino dishes that feel like home.
Ang Nanay by Corinne's Kitchenette El Nido
Location: Pops District, Brgy. Corong Corong, El Nido

End the night with a party with friends. Visit The Pangolin Cocktail BarEnjoy the lights, sounds, and booze! Try their signature The Pangolin mixed cocktail, trust me you'll love it!
The Pangolin Cocktail Bar El Nido
Location: C. Hama, Barangay Buena Suerte, El Nido

DAY 2: Island Hopping Tour A

Embark on an adventure-packed day with Island Hopping Tour A. Explore iconic spots like Big Lagoon, Small Lagoon, Secret Lagoon, Shimizu Island, and Seven Commandos Beach. Enjoy a sumptuous lunch on one of the islands, snorkelling, or simply bask in the sun.
Secret Lagoon El Nido Palawan Tour A
Rates: Php 1,200 per person
Places Visited: Small Lagoon, Big Lagoon, Secret Lagoon, Shimizu Island, Seven Commandos Beach
Inclusions: Snorkel Mask, Boat, Picnic lunch, Entrance fees, Tour guide service

Book your Island Hopping Tour A with Exploring Bearcat Travel & Tours Services

DAY 3: Island Hopping Tour C

Discover hidden gems on Island Hopping Tour C, including Hidden Beach, Matinloc Shrine, Tapiutan Beach, and Helicopter Island. Immerse yourself in the beauty of El Nido's marine life through snorkeling and swimming activities.
Matinloc Shrine El Nido Palawan Tour C
Rates: Php 1,300 per person
Places Visited: Matinloc Shrine, Talisay Beach, Hidden Beach, Helicopter Island, Secret Beach
Inclusions: Snorkel Mask, Boat, Picnic lunch, Entrance fees, Tour guide service
Exclusions: Environmental fee - Php 200 per person

Book your Island Hopping Tour C with Exploring Bearcat Travel & Tours Services

DAY 4: Adventure Day

Have an exciting day at The El Nido Zip Line and Canopy Walk on Day 4! The zip line experience typically involves being harnessed to a cable and then gliding through the air from one island to another, providing breathtaking views of the beach and surrounding landscape.

On the other hand, the canopy walk allows you to traverse elevated walkways among the limestone cliffs and lush greens, offering a unique perspective of the natural environment and the chance to see the whole view of El Nido from above. Both activities promise an unforgettable adventure and a chance to connect with nature excitingly and memorably.
El Nido Zip Line
Sitting P600 1-way / P1,200 2-way
Superman - P800 1-way / P1,200 2-way
Combination - P1,100

El Nido Palawan Canopy Walk
Hanging Bridge and View-deck - P400
Dreamcatcher - P400
All-In - P700

For your lunch or dinner, you may check out these recommended restaurants from our friend from Palawan Content Creator, Evo Joel Contrivida of Palawanderer.

Contact Number: (0919)079-6768 / (0919)079-6659
Location: Balai Adlao Boutique Resort, Kalye Paragua, Lio Tourism Estate, El Nido

Contact Number: 0916 635 4768
Location: 5313 Osmeña St, El Nido

Contact Number: 0906 029 2833
Location: C. Hama St., Cor. R. Magsaysay St (Palata St, Barangay Buena Suerte), El Nido, Philippines

Day 5: Departure Day

Savor your final morning in El Nido by relaxing and souvenir shopping in town. Bid farewell to this tropical paradise as you head to the van or bus terminal for your departure.

El Nido, Palawan, is a destination that will capture your heart with its natural beauty and warm hospitality. By following this itinerary, you'll create unforgettable memories and experience the best that this tropical paradise has to offer. Pack your bags, embark on this journey of a lifetime, and let El Nido weave its magic on you.


Mar 23, 2024

The tourism industry is experiencing a resurgence, with more people eager to embark on adventures and explore the world. As the demand for affordable and convenient travel options grows, AirAsia MOVE presents an enticing solution for travel enthusiasts - the Asean Pass. This innovative travel subscription program offers unparalleled savings, unlimited hotel discounts, and ride perks, making it easier and more affordable to discover the hidden gems and must-see places across ASEAN.
AirAsia MOVE’s Asean Pass Phuket
Embark on a journey to Southeast Asia's highest peak, Mount Kinabalu, and be captivated by its awe-inspiring beauty. Dive into the crystal-clear waters of Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park, where lush greens and vibrant coral reefs await. Immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage of Sabah at Mari Mari Cultural Village, savoring authentic cuisine and traditional performances.
AirAsia MOVE’s Asean Pass Kota Kinabalu
Explore the bustling streets of Bangkok, marveling at the coexistence of ancient temples and modern skyscrapers. Indulge in sun, sea, and sand on the idyllic beaches of Phuket or delve into the cultural heart of Chiang Mai in northern Thailand. In Malaysia, don't miss the iconic Petronas Twin Towers or the majestic Batu Caves, adorned with colorful statues and sacred temples.
AirAsia MOVE’s Asean Pass BangkokAirAsia MOVE’s Asean Pass Batu CaveNo trip is complete without sampling local delicacies, and Kuala Lumpur's renowned food street, Jalan Alor, offers a gastronomic delight through Malaysian cuisine. With AirAsia MOVE's Asean Pass, travel enthusiasts can enjoy ZERO-base fares from Manila, paying only for taxes and fuel costs. The pass provides significant savings compared to booking individual trips, offering flexibility to customize travel experiences according to preferences.
AirAsia MOVE’s Asean Pass

Nadia Omer, AirAsia MOVE's Chief Executive Officer, emphasizes the wealth of underrated destinations within ASEAN, encouraging subscribers and Filipino travelers to explore these wonders. Subscribers can enjoy exclusive discounts on hotel accommodation and ride-hailing services, enhancing their travel experiences.

Don't miss this opportunity to seize the Asean Pass for PHP 14,888 from March 22 to March 31, 2024, with an additional 5% early bird discount available until March 24, 2024. Valid for up to one year from the date of purchase, the Asean Pass allows travel from May 1, 2024, to April 30, 2025.

Unleash your wanderlust and embark on a journey of discovery across the enchanting landscapes of ASEAN with AirAsia MOVE's Asean Pass.